Arcanum Survey Results

Citizens of Port Katherine,

Thank you for participating in the Arcanum survey we recently performed.

With approximately half the colony (41 people) responding, we have recorded an expected arcanum production of 320/festival, and an expenditure of between 345 and 475 (expected usage numbers varied significantly more than expected production). Our burgeoning engineering and alchemical production is outstripping our arcanum production.

Fortunately, a number of respondents stated they are interested in developing more arcanum production in the near future. We encourage those of you interested in such an investment of time and effort to do so. The reported anticipated increases would bring our production to between 360 and 380, sufficient for the minimum current requirements.

At this time we do not intend to take any steps as the town council to increase production, but we will be continuing to monitor the situation. If you suddenly find yourself having difficulty securing enough arcanum for your needs (or if you suddenly increase your production significantly), please let us know.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch

For the Town Council