A few Board announcements

As you may know, the RFR Board of Directors had its summer meeting a few weeks ago, so I have some things to announce which were decided at that meeting.

First of all, the public version of our meeting minutes are available in google drive. Peruse them at your leisure, but there are a few items I want to call out in particular for the community:

  1. What will happen with Port Katherine’s props and other stuff:

    1. Port Katherine staff will have first dibs to claim props they donated or which have sentimental value. (Staffers, please don’t claim a large number of generic props.)
    2. Witchwood and Entanglement will have second pick of props and costuming
    3. Generic, easily-reused props like resources, components, and unclaimed costuming will be saved for potential future RFR games, and stored with Witchwood’s props at Middlesex for the time being
    4. Finally, props which are more Port Katherine-specific or harder to store will be up for grabs by players or games with which RFR has cast swaps
    5. Other notes:
      1. The Board will be keeping a list of props claimed by staffers and players for personal use, since we need to update our financials with the current value of props owned by the organization
      2. Players, if you have unique props like items your character bought at auction, it is up to you if you want to return those or keep them
      3. We would like props such as money, resources, and components to be returned, but we also recognize that these may have sentimental value. Please return most of them if you’re able
      4. Surgery bags and beads would be reusable for another game, but also may be particularly sentimental for players. It is up to you if you want to return these to RFR
      5. Staff and other RFR games will be looking through props at the one-day gathering on Saturday 9/16. Depending on how long that takes, we hope to open unclaimed props to players at that event as well. This is also a good day to return props, or send them along with your friends who are attending
  2. What will happen with unspent/unused Port Katherine CP: Unspent character points (CP) for Port Katherine may be applied towards new or existing Witchwood or Entanglement PCs (as CP for Witchwood and as Draws for Entanglement). You can also be refunded points that were spent after the Port Katherine summer event. If you staffed Port Katherine and did not previously claim cast swap CP, you may retroactively do so towards another RFR game.

  3. Reimbursement for recently purchased Port Katherine donation items: As previously announced, if you made a donation to Port Katherine for CP, you may choose to have that donation reimbursed instead (to be approved on a case-by-case basis). Please contact Brian for reimbursement. If you have a donation reimbursed, you may not also use the character points you had previously earned in another RFR game.

  4. Health policy: Going forward, minimum covid and other health policies for all RFR events will be set by the Board. The policy for the fall 2023 season can be found here. Since the fall larp season has already begun, we are not making any major changes to our existing games’ policies, so indoor masking will remain required at our events. At the end of the fall season, we plan to gather input from the community about what policies they would like to see going forward.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out.

In community,



Who should we contact regarding a CP transfer?

You can contact Brian.

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Addendum to this - you can email director@portkatherine.com, or fill out this google form. Please do not email staff@portkatherine.com.

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