Zlotan Traditions

I’ve heard a ton of different “Zlotan Traditions” folks have come up with since I started. Would love to make sure I’m in line with our culture over all. What have people heard/are rolling with?

Also, who’s playing Zlotans?


Never trust a juggler


Hobbes is Zlotan!

We have talked IG about Lenadoran childrens games and smaller homestead festivals involving tree climbing, wood carvings, and other wood related festivities.

The only other tradition ive done anything wth is the “one day of rest each week” mentioned in the packet, which i usually claim as the 3rd of each festival and briefly tried doing some campfire cooking just after midnight to be a “celebration” of sorts.

I’d love to workshop other traditions/local festivals/superstitions though.


Some folks on slack have made #pk-zlota on slack, and we’ve been trying to make up traditions there. Definitely worth joining if you’re into that kind of thing. Whenever I next have time, I’ll try to copy some of it over to here


I’m considering bringing supplies for fancy eastern-european easter eggs for a Zlotan Spring Festival tradition.


Sorry for the delay, finally getting around to writing down the traditions we’ve come up with so far.

In the Spring, some sort of story-telling event around a hearth or campfire. Because of the rough terrain, it’s not always easy to visit other places, so it’s important to have a lot of stories. Basically every culture ever uses eggs in spring time to represent new life, and making fancy decorated ones is a lot of fun. We can even parallel the cracking of the egg with the Shattering: a necessary step for life.

In the Summer, we have a sort of World’s Fair. Late Spring, each homestead has its own fair, showcasing the craftsmanship of their residents, and celebrating their work. The winners go on to the main event in the capital, maybe on the same day as the Fire Festival, or maybe Early Summer.

We haven’t come up with any Fall or Winter celebrations yet.


I want in on all of this.