Your Opinion on the Bar

Hey all! a quick straw poll: How did you like the Bar?
Is 2 or 3p a drink the right price? Which drinks were the best?

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I thought the pricing was perfect. I only had the Demalt and the Strawberry, but they were delicious. It was nice to play cards Saturday night too!

Pricing wasn’t bad - I was borderline dehydrated most of the weekend, so I only bought 1 drink, but I plan to spend more this summer :slight_smile:

I had the spring thing, the other long worded one, and the rum with cider. All were good. Fair prices. But like Shades, I just really needed to drink more water.

Prices were good. Wouldn’t mind some stronger, smaller, not-mixed drinks.

I’ll try to get us some Whiskey!

Does anyone have an opinion on the flavor profile for our summer refresher?

  • Pomegranate Seltzer w/ Peach and Rose
  • Black Cherry Seltzer w/ Lemonade
  • Lemon Seltzer w/ Sweet tea and Rose
  • Coconut Seltzer w/ Cherry

I’d really appreciate just a plain lemon or lime or raspberry lime seltzer or similar with nothing extra added to it.

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This is no problem, I am always willing to sell some of the mixers on their own. I am endeavoring to make the menu more transparent at game and will be happy to “serve something simple” on request.

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