Your Opinion on Bar Drinks!

Hey All; Another year is coming up and that means another opinion thread on Bar drinks to help me plan! This year I want to focus on having fewer, higher-quality drinks! Here are my ideas for Spring:

Cold Brew Coffee: (Bonum Mare) That orange-Cardamom one I make has been the clear favorite. While I’ll always continue to make this for the kitchen staff sales of it have been slow, are there any obstacles for me to work on in making the coffee appealing to more people? (are condiments lacking, or is there little demand since there is also free coffee provided?)

Unsweetened Drink: (Serendipi-Tea) Plain Iced Tea. I think I will just be making simple, cold-brew, unsweetened Iced Tea but offering people their choice of optional add-in syrups. Tea has never sold well though; should I just skip it and put something else here?

Revitalizer: (Mojadito Sling) Cucumber-Lime Gatorade, Tonic, and Mojito Syrup. This is meant to be crisp, refreshing, and loaded with Quinine and Electrolytes to help soothe headaches, cramps, and dehydration. Should I consider other Flavors? Is Gatorade a problem?

The Special: (Strawberry Good Company) Golden Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, and real-strawberry syrup. This has historically been my very most popular drink so it’s definitely coming back. Or was the Sapid Esprit better? (Ginger ale, lemonade, and raspberry syrup)

You’ll notice there is no Black Cat Ale in this list; (Moxie, Cream Soda, and Ginger beer) It has been decently popular and is my most beer-like drink; should I keep it? Or Should we try something new? I was thinking one of two options:

  • Moxie with Caramel Bourbon Syrup, & Ginger beer
  • Ginger beer with Caramel Bourbon Syrup and Oak Barrel Flavor

I didn’t realize you had unsweetened iced tea, or I’d be drinking more of that.

Honestly, my favorite drink is and will always be Strawberry Good Company. Just make a buttload of that.

Also, may I suggest offering “flights”? A small taste of each so you can try before you buy a whole glass.


I’ve never been against offering people a test sip of anything; the trick to flights is that,

  1. I don’t want to have to manage tiny glasses/cups washable or disposable, so just pouring someone one sip of something in the glass they’ll presumably use is best. (what I do now)

  2. I only charge 3p for a drink, I suppose I could charge 3p to sample all the drinks (which is like 4-5 depending on if you include coffee) but that seems a shame not to get a whole drink for “full price”

I suppose what I should do is advertise better than I’m willing to let people sample.

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I like coffee and unsweetened drinks. Maybe an occasional bit of a sweetened drink. Maybe.

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It’s very helpful to have something gatorade-like at the bar, especially when it’s clear from the description that it has electrolytes


Both of the Special options are two of my favorites. The Sapid Esprit is slightly more refreshing and less aggressive, which I prefer but both are delicious.

Your refresher drink saved me from heatstroke. I will never be sad to see that.

I do really like the current Black Cat.

I’ve found all the cucumber-containing beverages revive me like nothing else in the afternoon. Thank you for all you do!

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As a note, this revitalizer recipe is new; my last one was Lime Tonic, Lemon Juice, and Cucumber syrup with mint leaves and an electrolyte supplement. But the Supplement is rather expensive to use in scale and rather salty, hence the proposed switch to gatorade.

And I think I plan to cycle the Strawberry good Company and Sapid Esprit per cycle when Strawberries are out of season in favor of Raspberries =)

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