Year 2 Plot Arcs

So with year 1 behind us…what are people looking to accomplish year 2?

Surviving year 2.


I have a 4-point list of things I want to cultivate in our militia in the coming year:

  1. Swiftness
  2. Force
  3. Strength
  4. Mysteriousness

I’ve outlined my plan here for anyone who cares to brush up.


Tbd: identity of the “Huns”


. . . I love you.

Wait! Does this mean we have to have a training montage?

Finish my (advanced) Skirmisher studies, start on the Scholarly path, get better at (irl) fighting. Maybe learn more about old PK.

Which reminds me, I needed to pay a notice… Need to remember to do that later today…


Can we though???

Isadora’s goals:

  1. Secure herself a marriage
  2. Become BFFs with Clarity
  3. Something she wouldn’t talk about in a public forum

My goals:

  1. Socialite lessons
  2. Set up either late year 2 or early year 3 ways to get Isadora into trouble from point 3 above, depending on how point 1 plays out

What about yours @MichaelFazzina?

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  1. Learn more about the surgery arts and how to best help people.
  2. Acquire a replacement arm for the one that no longer works.
  3. Not lose more limbs.

Converting all the members of the Silberholz and Verenberg families.

Just kidding. I don’t even plan more than an event ahead, due to the nature of…the seasons.


Do you mean Alize? The von Silberholz and the Verenbergs are the same family. :wink:

No the Alize are fine as they are. It was a joke, but I meant what I said, I just try to be specific.


Right now the Huns are anything that prevents me from finishing my coffee.


Preferably. It is the proven best way for a rag-tag band of misfits to learn to work together and defeat overwhelming odds.


One winter feast, a handful of the Militia needs to go dressed as noble concubines.

  1. Continue working towards being the best doctor she can be.
  2. Continue working on the Town Council to bring stability, growth and success to Port Katherine.

And, of course:

  1. Figure out how to make sure people can tell the difference between Rukiye, Czesława, and Téa.

Isaac had what he would consider a successful first year in Port Katherine, even though it veered wildly from his original plans when he shipped out to the island. Goals for the next year include:

  1. Building up his library of legal expertise, as well as expanding the services available from his Law Offices.
  2. Working closer with Clarity Soames so that his projected presence may somewhat match his lofty aspirations.
  3. Somehow getting the PK Foxes on the NPL, as contenders rather than as a joke.
  4. Getting a Library and a Courthouse built in town.
  5. Continuing his journey of spiritual and religious fulfillment.
  6. Assisting in any way possible with the various research projects into the mysterious forces at work this far out in the Ring.

Ok, serious answer:

  1. Annaliese needs to do some soul searching and figure out her shit.
  2. Write a thesis
  3. Learn the fae language
  4. Romance.