Written Correspondance

An open invitation to all residents of Port Katherine:

If you wish to reach Petty Officer Dr. Bethany Morris between now and fall, please feel welcomed to send an IC letter to Dr. Bethany Morris, c/o HMS Felicity. (9 Aldersey St., Apt #2, Somerville, MA, 20143).

I will respond in kind, to any correspondence post marked prior to August 15th.

(In character correspondence only please!)


Veronica (Bethany)


I would love to write but I’m afraid I have nothing of relevance to say!

So write me a letter or note of completely irrelevant things! How’s the weather in PK? What has the tavern been serving? Have you read a particular poem of interest of found some illusive strawberries? Are you excited about the cooler temps in the fall?

Seriously nothing is too small or trivial for my enjoyment!


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