Winter Feast: Dancing

Do you know one or more social dances that would be setting appropriate?
Would you like to share your knowledge?

Help Adrian out by posting about them here!

Relatedly, Isadora wants to know which townsfolk you’d like to dance with. :wink: Head over to Character AMA Pt. 2 to let her know.


People who have knowledge should haaaalp. I assume a waltz is fairly easy??
Also, no one should feel stressed by this, i promise this is 100% opt in nonsense!


Brendan “Edric” T.
Dave “Almanzo” H.
and Dave “Jules” R.

All have experience and contacts with extensive knowledge (and the MP3s) of pre-period dancing. Seren conceivably could teach such a thing ‘IG’ without breaking character if she was asked to. I’m not sure about the other IG, but is there anyone else interested in having me get them up to speed before the party perhaps? There are usually period dance practices the first tuesday of the month in Berlin MA with some SCAdian folks, but we can probably also arrange another night if Dave can help us get the hall at WPI? (Worcester MA)

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Contra Dances have a lot of history to them, as do English and Scottish country dances. I can help teach folks basics of contra and English country, although I’m don’t think I would be able to call the moves without practice.


I think it’s ideal to have partner dances that don’t require calling moves, and that are simple to pick up rather than elaborate

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I could possibly swing space at WPI. I second Jess’s suggestion, that medieval dance is super easy to teach/pick up, even taught in character.

Hey everyone,

This was something I was going to talk to Brian about once he recovered from PK. But since you asked…

Currently I am taking ballroom lessons in Waltham MA at the Super Shag Dance studio. My instructor is pretty awesome and I tossed the idea about hosting a bunch of larpers. She said that Sundays are always quiet and she would be happy to do a private group lesson for a dozen or two people. She gave a rough estimate that 45 minutes of instruction is ~$300 and 1.5hrs is ~$400. So depending how many people show up, figure about $25 per person if split even. Maybe a bit more if people want the 1.5hrs.

From my experience, I would highly recommend American Waltz and American Tango as the first two fundamental dances. The stepping patterns are simple and very easy to learn. They are meant for social dances which fits in perfectly with the Winter Feast.

Historically Waltz it makes sense since Waltz has been around roughly 16th century and Tango is a bit later in around 1880’s but I think we can probably squeeze it in here.

The Waltham location is huge, great dance floor and sound system. Free parking on Sunday with street parking and multiple municipal lots close to the studio (also free Sunday). Lots of restaurants close by for afterward hangouts.

I wouldn’t mind getting a head count of those interested so I can get some more accurate numbers. Either I can poke Brian sometime next week when I think he’ll be more recovered or maybe he’ll see this and ping me sooner.


I would be pretty interested in this, even if we don’t manage to get a group together! I’d like to learn some basic dances!

Brian’s likely too tired to deal this week, he’s had a pretty gnarly cold thing.

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  1. Yeeeesssss ballroom lessons!
  2. Anyone who pairs with me for lessons better be willing to listen to feedback instead of insisting you’re fine :scream: My last attempt at learning ballroom was an exercise in frustration due to an extremely uncooperative partner and now I’m anxious about it. I’m not about to critique someone at the actual event but if we’re at a lesson I hope people would be open to learning ::grumble grumble::

I’m in for lessons.

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It’s been awhile, but I’ll be able to help with dancing, I know some ballroom dancing.

    • Most group classes the partners switch constantly so you get a chance to dance with everyone throughout. This is good to have people get used to dancing with a variety of heights and body types. A very stubborn and uncooperative partner can be pretty frustrating for sure. Luckily people here seem pretty good about things in general and the environment will be for everyone to learn together. So I think it’ll work out. Or just pick the person from the group that jives with you the best. :slight_smile:

I would be up for lessons and have no experience with dancing. I can also try to get in contact with a friend who I know used to be involved in ballroom dance for suggestions.

I’d totally be up for dancing lessons, but it depends on the day if it’s something I can actually logistically go to.

I’m down for Ballroom dancing lessons

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  • can’t tell if zach is making an up/down pun, or if actually wants to go dancing *
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Hey people who are interested in ballroom dance. I’m going to be meeting with my dance instructor this evening to figure out available Sundays - likely in early-mid December. Feel free to toss around any dates with work for people. Once I get official available dates and pricing then I can do a poll and lock it in.

While this won’t be an official red feather / PK event - I do have the blessing of Brian to throw this together and have some fun. :slight_smile: