Winter 2022 - Need NPCs!

Hey everyone! We’re running a one day in a few weeks for our Winter event, and we would love to have some more NPC assistance! Unsurprisingly, we may be missing a lot of our usual people - it’s a late season game, on Halloween, on the cape, last minute… etc. You know the reasons why we don’t have NPCs.

But you can help! Talk to your friends! Bring them with you! It’s only one day!

Please help us have people for you to fight. :slight_smile:


Are we still low on NPCs? I have friends I’d like to bring but when they first come depends on level of need

We are always in need of NPCs, it’s hard to say for certain how many we actually have as people tend to sign up with the intention of coming to help and then they don’t. That said anytime they can show up is appreciated, if at all!

I know of someone with a 16 year old. I heard the minimum age is 18- is there space to allow a 16 year old and his father come NPC for the day or will that not work?

16 year olds can attend with Board approval. Have them email so we can get that for them.