Winter 2019 Cabin Assignments

Use the above map to find your cabin.

Hill Side Cabins:
Aislinn McCormack
Sean McCormack
Carolee Sutton
Jackson Dowd
Jessica Osio
William Beatty
Brendan Turcotte
David Harvill
James Carroll
Brian Gould
Samantha Roderigues
David Rubenstein
Scout Rubenstein
Joy Perkinson
Ken Clary
Aaron Frary

Pine Side Cabins:
Patrick M
Jamie Wetzel
Kayden Red
Jordan Gibson
Samantha LaBrecque
Declan Geoffrion Scannell
Vee Schrag
Sam Tincler
Elizabeth Strong
Alexander Brune
Jamie Bal
Cory Knowles
Ryan Bolduc
Hannah Cohen
Jason Bestwick
Hannah Swebelius
Veronica Keddy
Matt Styron
KD Doyle

Ashleigh Howland
Connor McCarthy
Katie Cronin
Sarah Walden McGowan
Jenna McGowan
Nancy McCarthy
Elizabeth Reisine

Cecilia Washburn
Jacqueline Fazzina
Michael Fazzina
Brady Tatro
Melissa Frechette
Artemis Harpin
Heather Welsh
Hayley Hayes

Charles Hope
Jessy McQuaw
Mark Mascaro
Jessica Hallock
Kay Labella
Sammie Talmadge

Zachary Brien
Michael Bertoncini
Alexander Vincent
Maxwell Walterman
Steve Grabowski
Mal Sillars
Nat Hone
Brooke Vail
Alexandra Pace

Upper Staff
Ebyon Logos
Beth Baniszewski

Mac Shack
Sarah Wikman

Nurses Station
Elizabeth Krueger
Nuance Bryant
Daniel Rust

Kevin McDole

We have done our best to accommodate your requests and concerns. If there are any issues with these arrangements, please let us know as soon as you can so we can revise.

So, I knew this time would come, but we officially have 7 large groups of friends and only 6 large cabins. That means I had to split some of the new people from their friends and put them in the next cabin over. I’m going to need to figure out a longer-term solution to cabin assignments next year, but I didn’t want to do any major changes this game.

Definitely - some of you are in a new cabin this time. Make sure to check your assignment. I try not to move you, but this is tricky.

Brian Misamore
Game Director


New player Sam Tincler is in PS5, but me and all their other friends/acquaintances are in PS1—which I would assume was one of the “new people in the next cabin over” you mentioned, except that PS1 has several spare beds still. Could we just bop Sam over to PS1 instead? I don’t think anyone else would have to move.

Done. We need to figure out a better way for me to guess where new players go other than “I search for them on Facebook and hope I find them.” :slight_smile:

awesome, thank you!

Hey Brian!
Our group was wondering if we could do a small switch as well. We just want to keep our new players with their partners :slight_smile: Could we switch Nat Hone from PS5 with Kay Labella in PS6?

Elizabeth Stong is my friend/recruit & in-character sibling. Would love to get her also in PS1 :two_hearts:

Both changes made.


Thank you! :sparkling_heart:

So hillside 1 only had three mattresses when was there during the fall event so it may need to have that fixed if having four people in it (sorry forgot to put this in PEL).

There are always a ton of mattresses in the library building, that’s the easiest place to grab for Hillside.


I will once again have a helper with me to crash in the nurse’s station (as it’s the only way I can play).

So long as the beds are still set from last time, we’ll be okay.