Winter 2018 Cabin Assignments

Use the above map to find your cabin. Names in [brackets] have been notified that they may register (off the wait list) but have not yet registered.

Hill Side Cabins:
David Hicks
Aislinn McCormack
Sean McCormack
Jessica Osio
William Beatty
Nico Mota
Nathan Brown
Jak Magus
Jeffrey Fong
Joy Perkinson
Pat Popowicz
Ken Clary

Pine Side Cabins:
Samantha LaBrecque
Kayla Drakehart
Tim Drakeheart
Eric Larson
Ashley Rabon
David Harvill
Jonathan Washer
Tresha Brock
Brendan Butts
Henry White
Rafael Mena
Alexander Brune
Veronica Keddy
Peter Hairston
Athena Peters
Jamie Bal
Cory Knowles
Hannah Cohen
Ryan Bolduc
Ashleigh Howland
Connor McCarthy
Katie Cronin
Emily Travisano
Sarah Walden McGowan
Jenna McGowan
Kay L
Nancy McCarthy
Tim Sheaffer
Elizabeth Reisine
Cecilia Washburn
Jacqueline Fazzina
Michael Fazzina
Brady Tatro
Melissa Frechette
Samantha Roman
Kelly Raila
Jordan Gibson
Charles Hope
Eli Stickgold
Stephanie Paige
Danny Cooper
Jessy McQuaw
Mark Mascaro
Jessica Hallock
Zachary Brien
Steve Grabowski
Michael Bertoncini
Alexander Vincent
Maxwell Walterman
Patrick M
Jamie Wetzel

*Upper Staff
Beth Baniszewski

Kevin McDole
Jason Bestwick

Mac Shack
Sarah Wikman
Michael Anaya

Nurses Station
Elizabeth Krueger
Nuance Bryant
Daniel Rust

We have done our best to accommodate your requests and concerns. If there are any issues with these arrangements, please let us know as soon as you can so we can revise.

We also notice that some of these cabins are getting a bit full - we’re happy to move people around to balance cabins, but did our best to keep groups together where we were asked to.

Brian Misamore
Game Director

I’d be totally happy to move back to PS cabin 6 to uncrowd the silberholtz cabin! I didn’t mean to get transferred there anyway

Pine side Cabin Five people:
Anyone planning to bring a space heater and/or blankets to cover the windows?

I do not plan to tent for this event, assuming there are still bunks, is it possible to end up in Cabin 2 of Pine Side?

I can lend you the gear I normally use to block the windows at WW if you’d like

Absolutely - it’s a bit full, but if that’s ok with them and you, it’s ok with us.

We have no issue with this request.


That would be lovely, if you want to bring them over tomorrow with the other stuff you want me to bring.

I won’t be tenting this time either. I’ve asked Jess and Will if I can bunk in HS2 and they’re cool with it.