Winter 18 Childcare

Hi all!

We have one small human who will be on site this weekend. His name is Andre, Beth Baniszewski is his mother. He is 20 months old and confirmed to be adorable. He will reside in the kids’ cabin at the top of the hill and will spend time in the clover space/fire. Please feel free to roleplay in that area with his caregivers, with the explicit instructions that NO combat take place. Please avoid this area if you are not comfortable interacting with a small one/Drevnian orphan.

If you are interested in helping to watch Andre (typically in 2 hour shifts) please contact me ASAP. Volunteers will be CORI checked and will be assigned to a time to watch the kids. There is flexibility in these time slots among the babysitters, but I do try to schedule people around staff’s plots.