What Public Works Should the Town Council Focus on Next?

Good People of Port Katherine,

As you may know, the town council has the honor of maintaining any Public Work that the citizens of Port Katherine have built. We also anticipate consistently organizing the building of new Public Works. The town, through the medium of the town council, has some income to put towards these goals, however at this time, the building of new works will largely function through donation, with appropriate compensation for labor. We greatly thank any who have already contributed towards the building of a Public Work or have donated to the Town Council so that we may better serve the town’s needs.

Please take this opportunity to share below what Public Works you would like the council to work towards and/or any resources you may be able to put towards them (not required, but appreciated). In general, of the Public Work the town council is currently hoping to build in the near future, wood and iron are in particular demand. After that, copper.

Thank you for your time.

Countess Rukiye Maryam no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira

My top four priorities are gaol, sawmill, iron mine, guard towers.

The smithy, most definitely! There are a great number of requests for the Engineers to build things and the use of a smithy would let us drastically shorten the amount of time it takes us to fulfill those requests!

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I would personally love to see some improvements to the library. A place to keep and share all of our new discoveries would be most beneficial. I know it may not seem like a priority, given all the dangers around, but knowledge really is our best weapon.

I’m also able to contribute some copper towards the public works efforts, though how much will depend on when it is needed.

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For the safety of the town

I think that the guard towers and bank vault are the most important.

For some of it’s profitability,

Both the customs house and dry dock.

Gaol. Obviously. Unless you people enjoy rampant murder?


Don’t answer that.


The Iron Mine and Sawmill Improvements will accelerate our resource gain, lessening the effective cost of maintenance expenditures and allowing us to more aggressively pursue other ventures.

Additionally…I’m considering the worth of a sponsorship system. Each person who is interested in a public work signs on to provide some of its maintenance. That way the council can review what has costs already covered by the locals, and what would need to be maintained through taxes.

Our top priority must be the gaol. Without a proper place to store criminals we cannot claim to have the rule of law. It must be our priority to rise above the temptation or obligation placed upon us by necessity to murder every trespasser to our shores. If we truly want to build a just society here on Port Katherine a gaol must be the highest priority.

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The Gaol would be a fairly simple matter to construct and maintain…would you be willing to absorb some of the cost of maintaining it Prosperity?

Sadly I have no resources to my name and I spend much of my time focusing on the printing press we recently purchased but I could speak with my crew about potentially devoting a portion of the resources needed.

I was told a mortuary is not a suitable substitute for the gaol. In which case we should probably build a gaol.

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Tea starts taking rallies of the specific requests.

In the interest of exploration, I think we should build Dry Docks. With ships, we can explore the outer rim of the Pan Aetherium.

~Hezra Boone

I feel like we need to be secure here before venturing elsewhere…

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Neighbor and Friends,

Maybe instead of just building more things, we should start also thinking of drafting official positions related to what has been built, and related to the defense of the town.

Along those lines, I will be submitting a letter to the Town Council. I hope to have it written and posted for all to read by tomorrow, but I confess writing is not my strong suite, so I may be delayed…

James Corvid

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Maintenance of existing projects, Fire Towers, Gaol, Guard Towers, in that order. As an unofficial public work, an avenue for those of a more martial bent to be properly compensated for their time and efforts, as there is currently great demand for able sword arms, and no-one willing to foot the bill.


Re: payments, a customs house would solve this issue since the market could be taxed and the town could have proper funding for the militia.


Excellent point Hezra. Construction has begun on the drydocks although I do not know what the full extent of progress is. I know myself and a few others spent some time beginning construction with what wood we had.

I second the notion for the Iron Mine carts. Just about every public work requires large amounts of iron. I have been working on gathering the supplies for the bank vault, and I should be able to reach the goal by the end of the year. Assuming I continue working on it myself.

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Ah feel we need a proper gaol so that justice can be dispensed rather than just death, especially given the dead tend to rise on this island.

I am also in support of a Bank Vault and would be interested in managing said Bank once it is built. A bank would give folks a proper place to put their goods with less fear of said goods being open to thievery. It is a shame that the town pulled together all that money to pay a militia only to have it left on a unsecured tavern table. Had we a bank it could have been protected and then these folks complaining of not being paid for their martial skills, that seem also reluctant to join the Navy, could have been paid.

I have a fair bit of iron, copper and coin that I could contribute to these efforts as needed.

  • Molly Volareth