What kind of sewage solution was built?

What kind of sewage system was built? Are we imagining that the real-world restrooms are reasonably sanitary pit latrines that are periodically emptied, rotated, or converted to composting? Are we imagining that there are ditches or piping that dump sewage into the stream? (I like the first version because it’s closer to wysiwyg: pretending there are underground pits that we don’t see is easier than pretending piped or open sewage or stream contamination.)

I’m not sure if this is an “ask staff” question, “ask the engineers who built it”, or “find out when you get to game”.

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If we allow for some play by adding in the magic of arcanum.Probably something similar to this?

All right. Who’s going to step up and become the PK version of Dr. John Snow?

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It is very similar to the London sewer systems of the 18th century that Connor posted - in other words, the real-world restrooms drop into a grate that goes into some tunnels that lead the sewage far out away from the town where it is dumped into the aether. There is no stream contamination (that’s the point of the sewer), and while there are underground tunnels you don’t see, that won’t always be true. We may run things in the sewers from time to time as long as you have them.


I think we can now say with authority that for our sewage system we went with the popular “creature-infested death trap” system.


To be fair, it was an addition that we were working on. We hadn’t planned to roll out the deathtrap options until a season or two later. :wink:

What kind of upkeep does a deathtrap require?

In this particular instance, it sounds like no upkeep would be the way to ensure a deathtrap.

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Is there any other kind?

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