What happened at Souls 22!?

Hey guys! I’m behind the bar and in the kitchen most of game so I often dont get a chance to get “boots on the ground” to a lot that goes on. I really liked the recap we did pre-year about the plots going on from the first two years, so I am asking you, my fellow townsfolk to tell me all about what happened this past festival!

Come to the bar, grab a drink and regale me with what the heck was going on all weekend!


The sewers mysteriously exploded while I was in them and the Foxmaker flayed someone alive and transformed them into a fox while myself and number of other people were forced to watch.


Did you see that I got married? Dauphine’s wedding cake was beautiful, but it was a shame that we had to smash it over the head of some cultists before it could be eaten.


Folks have been trying to write down a bit of a timeline, I guess for the history books they’ll eventually write about all our bullshit—the live copy is on the table over there, but take a look:

1st of Souls

  • Town Council / Tiyagan meeting
  • Unorthodox auction (unorthodauxtion)
  • Mysterious individual selling ingredients fallen off a ship
  • Invincible revenants (?) who could only be defeated by cake
  • Mechanical revenants
  • Bloodworms???
  • Pink bear “Magenta” comes to town
  • Vanishing Isle and prophet/apostate shenanigans

2nd of Souls

  • Surgeon’s Guild meeting
  • Puppeteer near the cabins
  • Coffee tragedy / Damienne swears vengeance on puppets
  • Spiritualists fight ghosts in a building that is also a ghost
  • Photographer!
  • Lunch
  • Fish cult representatives in town
  • Scarecrows invade the sewers; sewers blow up
  • Mushrooms attack town Hobbes town
  • Extremely passive aggressive tea time with the Governor and his wife
  • Tea party of finger food with the Gourmand, mushroom attack
  • Snakes attack the twins’ thesis offense
  • Prudence and Thaddeus’ Wedding
  • The Night Horse Cometh
  • Carnival, talent show, burlesque show
  • Shadows, cabin ritual
  • Invincible revenants return and are defeated by cake
  • Big bloodworms
  • 2 meters below

3rd of Souls

  • Chicken House in the woods
  • Blubber? What blubber?
  • Sibella and Dauphine wedding
  • Saints Yoga, attack from fish cult
  • Chupacabra
  • Seamstress fight
  • Livewell is no longer on the town council