Wartime Traditions

Does anyone know anything about war time traditions in Pan Aetherium? Prisoners, ransoms, etc tended to have very specific rules IRL.

In particular, should we be attempting to capture Tiyagans, and expecting a ransom for the prisoners we do capture?

They attempted to capture Stanton which makes me think that there’s some expectation of trading for officers.

I believe a lot of the navies IRL had certain protocols regarding the treatment and ransoming of officers and ships, but I have no idea if that would carry over.

It’s the sort of thing that I would expect the Navy to be briefed on by commanders though.

Sounds like a topic worth researching!

Did someone call for some lawyers?

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Yes. Find out how much we can ransom Tiyagans for…and whether we have a legal right to recover there equipment for resale to the Kithiran navy. I imagine our government is going to see a drastic uptick in expenses in the coming year…

I can inquire along these lines with Commander Mendoza and Captain Stanton.


assuming we DO take a lot of prisoners, considering how easy it is to avoid killing people if we want to - formally-trained officers can maybe be expected to give (and honor) their parole, but if we captured enough of the rank and file in one place, then we might need to spend a decent amount of energy preventing a POW breakout…

It is worth noting, as I have seen this come up a number of times in multiple conversations I’m in:

While I fully suppose imprisoning as many enemy soldiers as we can (instead of killing them), especially if we can ransom them, some did refuse to be taken alive in the last engagement (called “ward” or “no effect” to the “I Send You To Jail” call). Those were, understandably, put to death on the spot.

So, we should also assume there will still be ghosts/revenants that need to be prevented or dealt with, even with the Jail as an option.

We should be sanctifying and quieting the dead to prevent further issues where we can.


We did throw 30 Arcanum and a Silence the Battlefield into avoiding revenants after this last battle. We should anticipate needing to do that a lot more now. Practically, I doubt our gaol will end up fitting every enemy soldier.

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We should start working on building up our quietudes and silence the battlefields again.


If that’s representative of how these battles are going to go, would I be correct in assuming arcanum costs will rise?

If it’s about 30 arcanum to prevent revenants are a big battle plus what ever is spent on bullets are there any traditions about arcanum use during a war?

Wars run on resources as much as womanpower. I do wonder, given that the first article in the declaration of war is in regards to us being of “the express intent of taking resources in possession of the Tiyagan throne” if that is merely an excuse for the warmongers or if Tiyago has their own concerns about their stores of arcanum. As I understand it, their technology is far more reliant on the stuff than ours.

Either way, we should expect blockades and the possibility of being cut off from resources from the rest of Kithira, at least in part. At the very least, I would agree it’s possible that arcanum prices will rise. Worst case scenario, we will need to function with what we produce on-island.

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If we want to cut down the arcanum cost of sanctifications, it might be a good idea to finish our graveyard


What would it take to finish the graveyard? I don’t know how much work has gone into it so far.

I believe Nathrach was spearheading that project. I am unsure of the current status of the work, but last I knew it still required a fair amount of material.

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I think 15ish blocks of iron and some elbow grease

We will not be receiving any arcanum until a new bill is passed to allow its import into PK. We also have the docs corruption which could make bringing goods even more difficult beyond the blockade.

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Mining arcanum is the main reason Port Katherine was founded, so I’m actually kind of surprised we didn’t end imports earlier. I doubt we’ll see significant shortages there; I’m much more worried about other trade goods.