Wartime elixir production

With us entering a state of war, we can expect more pitched combat like we saw on this past Sunday. As such, I’d like to ask the town what elixirs would you find most useful to be available for your purchase and use? Demyan put together a great catalog, and I’m hoping I can find a copy to put up to help guide thoughts on this topic.

–Jules Alabaster

Don’t be afraid to describe what would be useful either. If we haven’t done it before we can always invent of. Mental health elixirs are also of vital importance. We can’t fight well if we don’t feel well.


Attached here is a copy of Demyan’s catalog:


My suggestions for Elixirs folks should consider:

The Meditation elixir (restore 4cp or 6cp of skills after a 5 minute ‘rest’) would be immensely useful for refreshing one’s skills between encounters (or during the rare but not unheard of 1 hour+ encounters).

And, for our more defensively inclined fighters, especially if a Skirmisher guerilla group forms, Pressure Activated Acid is a lovely companion to ‘Parries’ (I myself have few Parries, or else I would be stockpiling those)

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I don’t know much about Elixirs, but I am making a Tiyagan Alembic which allows you to spend 1 arcana to double a point of distillation up to as many as you have, during a single bgs period.

Might as well use the enemies technology against them!


Make sure to consult Auntie or Seren. The catalog doesn’t give you the insight they have into general availability, market support for the components, etc.

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List of component rarity & hours of labor (in progress)

U= uncommon
R= rare
*= not on Demyin’s List

Cure Malady - 2 common, 4 hrs
Oseitransfer - 1 c, 3hrs
Unroot- 2C, 5 hr
Cute disease + purify = 1C, 5 hrs
Insomnial Glue- 1u, 1c, 5hrs
OxBlood- ??
Dizzy Spell - 2C, 4hrs
Wait for Healing - 1C, 1u, 4hrs
Cleared Speech - 1C, 6hrs
Melted Exoskeleton - 2C, 4 hrs
Healing Refresh - 2C, 5hrs
Stabilize Bleeding - 2C, 4 hrs
Cure Curse - 1R, 9hrs (see Auntie)
*Cheat Death (new) - 1u, 1C, 5h
*Sweet dreams- 1C, 3hrs

  • Cheat Death - The next time you are hit by a critical strike or the Critical Call, take the Pierce effect instead. Call ‘Reduce’.

That cure curse makes you critical. We have better versions but they cost more.

Best one is 1r, 1v, 9 hrs.

Martial Elixirs

Glue gun- 1C, 3hrs
Tactical Briefing - 1u, 3hrs
Armor Repair - 2C, 5hrs
Action and Reaction- 1C, 3hrs
Brutality - 1u, 3hrs
Downpour - 1u 3hrs
Lightning in a bottle - 1u 3hrs
Pressure Activated Acid- 1u, 1C, 4hrs
Refortification- 1u, 3hrs
Speed of Stealth- 1C, 3hrs
Call lightning - 1u 1C, 3hrs
Martial Flattery- 1u, 1C, 4hrs
Forcipular Venom + purify = 1C, 5hrs
Caustic Mobility - 1C, 1u, 4hrs
Root storm- 1u, 4hrs


Acorn Tea - 1C 3 hrs
Draught of Quietude - 1C 3 hrs
Elixir of Speed +Purify - 1C 6 hrs
No Pain, No Gain - 1C 3 hrs
Silence the Battlefield - 1R 3 hrs
Stand With Spirits - 1C 3 hrs
Sweet Dreams - 1C 3hrs
Meditation- 2C 4hrs
Scholastic Multitasking- 2C 5hrs


I think this is my personal list of stuff I’d like to see being produced:

Cure disease
Dizzy spell
Healing refresh
Slug Shot
Tactical Briefing
Armour Repair
Lightning In A Bottle
Pressure Activated Acid
Call Lightning
Forcipular Venom +Purify
Caustic Mobility
Root Storm

Obviously I don’t want them all myself, but think they’re worth having around.

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I would second the suggestion of the Meditation elixir.

I would also personally request more daughts of quietude and quiet the battlefields though the latter of those will likely need to wait until Fall. My supplies for preventative measures for dealing with the dead have run rather low as I was expecting less need of them with the construction of our gaol.

Also while they are not elixers but since they are still made by apothecaries I feel it is worth mentioning that venom vials can help those of us with lower combat skills do more damage and we can always benefit from purifies.


Ah yes. Meditation and sweet dreams should also be on my list.

Are we expecting to kill the tiyagans rather than taking prisoners? I’d rather they stay in a prisoner-taking mood.


If we’re utilizing venoms, it’s likely that some of them will die, unless we explicitly go about purifying them as well.

I would like to say that we are hoping to improve the Dizzy Spell so that it’s, well, less Dizzy. And please note the new addition of the Cheat Death elixir which I discovered this season.

Some we took prisoners, others ended up critical’d. Part of that may have been uses of venom and confusion over what the operating procedures should be during war time. Either way, a good deal of arcanum and a quiet the battlefield was extended after the fight.

No Pain No Gain seems quite nice for fighters with multiple uses of Recovery, especially considering it just takes one common component.

Sweet Dreams could be good to have around for the same reason as Meditation. It’s more limited in when it can take effect, but restores more CP for the cost (since it’s another one-common-component elixir).

I’d be interested in learning what component each of those requires.

No pain no gain is salt, sweet dreams is blue daisy.

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To clarify the meditation elixir restores 6cp if you drink it while using the recovery skill, not just any old 5 minute rest.