Wanted: Missed Lessons

I was unable to attend Muster this season as I was attending to my employers’ business, and as a result missed Captain Stanton’s lessons in soldiering. And, as you know, the Captain is a busy man and I’d like to spare his time, so I would be appreciative to anyone who could go through the basics of what he taught with me. We can discuss compensating you for your time, as well.

I imagine there are other people who need information about lessons who could post here as well, to consolidate.

-Lily F

(staff clarification on how this works: to learn a lesson that you missed at the event, you need to find out who gave the lesson, what skill it was for, and what happened in the lesson, then spend your focus AND lesson to track down the teacher between events and have them teach it to you. this costs 10 ducats, which you should turn in to staff at check-in)

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(well, my focus is all used up. I might just have to go to muster next time but I’d still like to know what I missed.)

(Do you need to pay the NPC for the lesson, in addition to spending your focus on it?)

(yes, thanks for the reminder - will update my original post)

Seline Dawson, libertine and duelist extraordinaire, gave the Skirmishing lesson. I’ll fill you in on what I know for free, since it’s no fun to miss out on lessons, but a tip of a few imperials or even a squid or two rendered during the next festival would not go unappreciated.

The Weapon Proficiency lesson as I experienced it was as follows:

2 Skirmishers agree to duel each other with the flat of the blade, with the caveat that they both tie their arms to their chest at the elbow, limiting their range of motion. Next, they take turns fighting with each one being granted the full utility of her arms in turn. The main thing to consider is how your fighting differs between your usual posture and the limited motion, and how to best take the required efficiency of the limitation onwards into your typical fighting. If you’ve grasped the heart of the technique, you should be able to use your abilities with less energy, likely doubling your total capacity to maim, disarm, OR parry against your future opponents.

[Read: Pick one of Maim, Disarm, or Parry, and double your available uses of that skill]

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