Wanted: Conversation with those who had contact with elementals

I am looking for information regarding the elementals that were in town on the 2nd morning of Dawning. I know elementals visited the town, and saw them from a distance. I am interested to know the following.

  • Were the only elementals seen in town since we arrived the water and air elementals?
  • Did anybody manage to interact with these elementals in a way that was not combat?
  • Did the elementals say anything?
  • What were they doing? How did they act?
  • If you did engage in combat with the elementals, what attacks were used by them against you and by you against them?
  • If you managed to destroy them, did they drop anything that might be of interest, however mundane it might seem to you?

I am quite flush with ducats at the moment and would be willing to pay for verifiable information for your troubles - as I understand some of you may be hesitant to interact with me after my actions during the Pitball Incident.

~ Julien Emile de Bellefleur

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How much, good sir, are you paying for information?

You may remember me warning you of said elementals’ patrol pattern, so you know I was watching them for a while.

Depending on the quality and detail of information, up to 5 ducats.

((I have messaged you on FaceBook))

Julien parts way with James Corvid, apparently satisfied with the information he has just received

During an outing in the woods I had the special privilege of observing some particular behavior exhibited by an individual specimen of the Earth variety of Elemental. Unsure if these observations would be relevant to your curiosities. Willing to talk.

Fought a few of all of them, a couple of times with folks who have some learning about these kinds of things. Don’t want coin, but I’d be interested in trading what you’ve learned for what I’ve seen.

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