Want to sell: Research assistance


I will be spending quite a lot of time in the library between this season and the next pursuing matters of my faith. As such, I have some ability to assist people in a variety of tasks, whether that be research, experimentation, designing schematics, or vial or component chemistry. I shall entertain all offers; please tell me how much you are willing to pay. I will offer discounts to apothecaries and steep discounts to those who are in need of assistance in areas that overlap with my own interests.

Please reach out to me any time, and may the Fae accept you upon their return.

~ Julien Emile de Bellefleur

(OOC: I have two (2) uses of the Research Assistance skill. It is my understanding that this may be applied to any header based BGS skill)

Lady Verenberg has some offers. Let’s speak privately about your needs.

Hello Julien,
I plan to be working on components for a double-bladed sharpening mechanism and could always use a hand. (I turned in enough components for 4 items, though i’ll only have 3 uses, so I could benefit from this) Let us speak privately and discuss payment, I could provide coin or components depending on your desire.
-Countess Julian Ashford Calvette III

Hello Julien,

If you are spending quite some time in the library anyway, would like to know if would would be able to track down and do some research on the shipping manifests for me.

Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé