Want to clarify some Surgery hypotheticals

in my “preparing to be a real surgeon” efforts i’ve been rereading that section of the rule book and considering lot of hypothetical questions - wondering if any of these are clarifiable:

can an advanced surgeon elect to perform “basic” surgery instead of “advanced” (which i think is mathematically preferable for someone with only white beads at the time of surgery)?

if someone dies in surgery, do they wake up and get like 5 min to do a death scene or do they just not wake at all (go directly to “play your corpse”, do not pass go, do not collect 200d)? Wording suggests the latter but i want to be totally sure.

After losing skills due to the Brain Damage major complication, can you then buy them back once you get sufficient CP or are they somehow forever barred?

I believe advanced is always mathematically preferable actually, at least from a pure long-term survival standpoint. Even if it’s mathematically impossible to die from this surgery, having more beads that aren’t black will raise your chance of surviving the next one.

I guess there are some corner cases where someone would like…prefer to be dead than maimed? But otherwise advanced is always better.

  1. You can elect to do basic surgery instead of advanced surgery, in the same way that you can elect to do field surgery instead of basic surgery (adding an additional black bead to the patient’s bag) even if you are in a hospital (which, yes, you are allowed to do). However, bear in mind that this is basically the surgical equivalent of taking a shortcut now to ensure a good surgery at the expense of long-term damage to the body. If a surgeon does this to you, you should probably be mad about it. @Belial is right that since long term survival rate is controlled by what percentage of the beads in your bag are black vs any other color, it means the patient is at lower risk of major complications but higher risk of Just Dying.

  2. If someone dies in surgery, they are dead. Go directly to playing your corpse, do not pass go, do not collect 200d. Feel free to play your corpse for as long as feels appropriate.

  3. You can buy them back. The CP used to buy them has just vanished into a hole.


cool cool cool, thanks for clarifying!

Any other color? :wink:

yes. “unspecified things happen to you” is not the same as “You Immediately Final”, which only happens if you draw double black.


Well, that “settles” a bit of a theory debate/conversation I’ve been having with another player. Not in my favor, but I’m not sure I’m sad about that, in this case.

Edit: Quoted “settles” because I realized there are still some outstanding questions that could change that.

I’ve seen a rainbow bag or two in my day. Maybe collecting all the colors would be a fun game!

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