Volunteers needed to move our stuff to summer storage!

Greetings, RFR community! Here’s an opportunity to get some CP and visit our good old campsite, despite not having any events on the schedule….

We need volunteers to move our things into summer storage, and the earlier the better! We could start as early as this weekend, and our goal is having everything moved by early June.

What needs to be done:

Our totes, boffers, and odd-shaped items are currently in the big mod hall (they were moved there because the “nature shed” where we stored them is being physically moved to accommodate septic work). Our flats and other wooden box shaped things are in the smaller mod hall (though it’s possible a few are still hanging around the big mod hall). All of these things need to be moved from the mod halls into the summer storage area underneath Sharleen’s house, across the street.

How to help (we need around 3 groups, perhaps 4):

  • Find a small group of volunteers that you are already in contact with, or who you would be willing to be in proximity with for a couple hours if you were wearing masks.
  • Choose a day to help! If you choose a weekend day, there is a lower chance of workers on site.
  • I will coordinate with the workers on site, and with Sharleen, to make sure that you can get in and out with minimal contact with others. I should be able to make sure that no one has been in contact with any of our gear for 72 hours before you arrive, minimizing the chance of C19 exposure.
  • Once you’ve planned your trip, I’ll be in touch with the details of your task! The first group out will need to move the flats (and I will appreciate you extra much, because I know that task isn’t fun). The subsequent groups will move totes and odd-shaped boxes.
  • You will get 1 CP per hour of time spent moving, applied towards the RFR game of your choice!

Please help out by claiming a shift! Your kindness, biceps, and desire for volunteer CP will save me from having to do this on my own, and I deeply appreciate it!

Hang in there and stay safe,

Joy Perkinson,

RFR President


I’d be down to take a shift at some point if there are folks who’d be willing to work with me.

I am also willing to take a shift

I’ll add my name to the list

@DRubenstein, @wanderingfox, and @ConnorM: would the three of you be willing to work together to take a shift? (I don’t want to pressure any of you to meet up if you’re uncomfortable doing so, but it sounds like you’re volunteering to do that and just need help finding a group. Let me know if I’m mistaken!)

I am fine with that if they both are.

If they aren’t, I’d be willing to take a solo shift if it’s possible for me to arrange for moving stuff that’s one-person portable.

@DRubenstein, @wanderingfox, and @ConnorM: Actually, yeah, it is probably better to do solo shifts. I’m currently coordinating with Brady and Duncan to get the big stuff moved later this week, so nearly everything after that point can be moved by a single person. This will allow each of you to get CP during a solo shift without putting yourself at risk.

So, let’s schedule solo sessions by default. Let me know whether there are particular weekend days that work for each of you! Let’s coordinate over PM (here or facebook or slack or email or gchat) to work out scheduling details.


Im also fine with working with someone else.

I will gladly do a huge bulk of this work. I have a truck, and Serel and I can head up there on a Saturday and do a huge bulk of it.

Alright! So, to summarize:

  • We’ve got 2 people showing up on Thursday to move flats, and they’ve said they will move some totes as well.
  • If you @Nicomota and Serel show up Saturday, there is a chance that will be enough.
  • @DRubenstein has said he can come up on Sunday, and @wanderingfox and @ConnorM have also volunteered to help at some point…

We are probably all set at this point!

I am somewhat “worried” that the work will get done before everyone who wants to do some gets to. Gonna have to be first come, first serve, though, and I will try to help coordinate. Thank you to all who have volunteered!

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Brady and Duncan are at the site right now, moving totes. Assuming they don’t move everything (which is a possibility, they seem to have some momentum going)… then the next trip is on Saturday. There is a chance everything will get finished up Saturday.

@wanderingfox, you seem to have a flexible schedule, is there any chance you could show up that day as well? I would like people who want volunteer hours to have that opportunity!

Yes I can do Saturday.

Great! @Nicomota and @wanderingfox, can you coordinate your arrival for Saturday? Please be sure to wear masks and wash hands, etc…

Please let me know the best way to follow up with details; I will default to facebook if I don’t hear anything else.

Thanks! Definitely looking like Saturday will wrap things up.

Wasn’t able to hop on the past two days because of life, but you still need a third? @Nicomota @wanderingfox Or you good?

I think having a third person wouldnt be a bad idea if you’re available.

I believe Serel will be a third. Sending some facebook chats now to coordinate logistics. Thanks!

Update: All done! Thanks very much to those who helped!

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