Unofficial Craft Day/Game Night in Western Mass

Update! Scheduled for July 22nd, this Sunday. There is more information in the PK discussion group on Facebook. If FB isn’t your cup of tea, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll give you my address.

Hi everybody! I know that it can be rough to get out to the Boston half of the state sometimes if you live in Western Mass or other locations further from the Boston hub. I We know it’s short notice, but sadly the plans for an August gathering have been upended as some construction meant to start TODAY…is starting July 30th instead. Argh. But this way you can get an even earlier start to your crafting, right? Right?

(P.S. If you live in the eastern half of the state, you still absolutely welcome. :wink: )
(p.p.s. if the RFR revel is scheduled the same day, we will change the date as an FYI so that people don’t have to choose!)

So! if you are interested in popping up/down/over to Holyoke, MA, please weigh in on a date at the poll below!

My original hope had been to have them separate days, but given the suddenly squashed timeline, I’m planning to have them the same day. Don’t feel the need to come all day/to all parts if it isn’t up your alley! Come to what’s fun for you. And if the date isn’t one that works for you in the end or you just want one or the other, feel free to chat/comment as if this goes well, we will likely host another if we find the brains/time. For example, when it is just the game night, we could have it on a Friday evening or even a weekday evening.

Crafting Day!

I was thinking the crafting part of the day would be around 10am to 4pm, people feeling free to come and go as they please. Come and craft with other people, get advice or get jumpstarted on a project! I have several decent spaces for cutting large pieces of fabric, plenty of couch space for handsewing or other handwork, the ability if someone brings their machine to set up another machine, and ample sewing tools. Please do feel free to bring tools you need and I’ll try to set you up. As an FYI, if you plan to craft with anything chemical/glue/gives off a strong smell, run it by me as my property is a fragrance/chemical light property.

If people are interested in having a “let’s all make x” together lesson, let me know and I’ll think of something fun and useful, like pockets, bags, hats, cockades, etc. and see what people are interested in.

We can order pizza/come up with food arrangements when we see if we are likely a small group of 4 or a rowdy group of 10 or more.

Game Night!

Around 4pm, we would clean up the craft things and set up game night! This would likely go until 10pm or until the people wandered away. If we wish, it can be in character gaming and chatting. I want the opportunity to get to play games with all of you and not be ready to run out the tavern! We can also actually learn a bunch of the games that have been available in the tavern. I have Mancala, can likely scrounge up some more games, but please do bring more!

There will be tasty liquids and noms provided, feel free to bring your own in addition.

So, that’s my vague plan! I hope to see you all soon!