Turn your influence into a prison!

Hello, fellow colonists!

Do you find yourself suddenly influential, perhaps because you unwittingly supported a popular cause or made a particularly good fashion statement recently? Do you not know what to do with this new-found skill? Are you afraid you will go mad with power?

I am using my society connections (I know, I am just as shocked as you) to seek outside donors for the gaol. If you are interested in joining me, I am willing to focus on coordinating those efforts.

Pricing on the gaol, for reference: Gaol
Cost to Make: 10 wood, 10 iron, 5 lead, 5 focus
Ongoing Maintenance: 2 wood, 2 iron, 1 lead, 1 focus

Benefits of a gaol: less bloodshed == less toll on our spiritualists, who have been laying the dead to rest out of their own pocket == fewer disgruntled spiritualists == fewer unsanctified souls coming back and trying to kill us

Please comment below if you are interested!


That’s wonderful, Lily! I was going to be speaking to my connections about this, as well. It would be good to pool our efforts. A concerted campaign stands a much better shot of getting results than a couple of people on their own, and I agree that this very much needs to be done.


Since at least one other person is interested, I’ll be using my focus to coordinate fundraising for the gaol. Please do let me know if you’d like to contribute any political influence to making us less murderous!

Most of my connections are already tied up with other tasks, but I have some remaining that I’ll see about pushing towards finding some more outside donors.

Thank you, Dame Quigley!