Town Council Meeting, Fall 1719, Noon

Please find here the meeting notes of the Town Council for our Souls 1719 Meeting. Please note that the Town Council members met at various other points in smaller groups and this does not attempt to cover all those conversations.

~Rukiye Maryam

  • Trade goods
    • Needs for this cycle: +5 wood w/o the Middletown book.
    • Sufficient copper for two cycles, sufficient lead for 3 cycles, sufficent iron for 1 cycle
    • Decided to spend up to 175d getting wood and iron for future cycles
    • Important to spread the purchases around, 3rd day of festival is chaotic, but if we make planned purchases from a variety of people when we can then we can help spread the money around.
    • Hope to obtain wood from Haven, Iron from Stoneguard, obtain wood from the 2nd Half of the auction, start at 10 pieces
    • Rukiye is empowered to make non-Alize trades
    • If Alize trades are needed, Prosperity must approve
  • Hospital
    • May be the public work to sacrifice if we ever don’t have enough focus
    • Annaliese will check in with surgeons about how they feel about this public work so we can prepare for that possibility
  • Generator Mill
    • Briefly discussed the plan for once the generator mill is built, the TC will maintain the work in materials, the Engineering guild in focus. If the cost of materials is greater than the amount electricity takes in that festival, then the Engineering Guild will pay the difference.
    • Will need to be discussed more fully before the mill is built
  • Queen’s visit
    • Rukiye and Frederick met with Adelaise Duchamp, a representative of the Queen here to tell us what is needed.
    • The Navy is in charge of Security
    • Things to do
      • Decoration-Rukiye is in charge of
        • Kitheran colored table cloths, perhaps also the wall hangings in Kitheran colors, paper flower arrangements on the tables
        • Any other Kitheran colored items we can come up with
        • Encouraging people to wear Kitheran colors (and they’ll get PI for it!)
      • Demonstration of Innovation- Annaliese will wrangle
        • Engineers (Science Twins?) dressed as nice as possible to make a short and sweet presentation. THE QUEEN HAS LITTLE TIME.
        • Evy will ride herd.
      • Meeting the Queen
        • Murdina is researching etiquette
        • Isaac and Frederick are handling vetting