Town Council Announcement: Militia

Citizens of Port Katharine,

The Town Council has considered the matter of how to organize a civilian defensive force to assist the Navy, and has adopted the language attached to the end of this notice.

For those who choose not to read the whole thing, we provide a brief summary. There will be a 15 person civilian Militia, paid five Ducats a festival. They shall elect their own Captain, and she shall appoint two Lieutenants, all of whom receive a small additional stipend. They shall be on call to assist the Navy against any serious threat.

Most importantly, however, every able-bodied citizen of the town is designated as part of the Auxiliary, and has duties to assist the Militia and defend the town. That assistance can be provided in the form of 2 CP worth of skill per day, 5 ducats at the beginning of the festival, or combat assistance in two battles per day. Most Auxiliary members will be assigned to a Squad for a particular Militiawoman, who will be entitled to their assistance, the remainder will form an Independent Reserve answerable to the Captain. The Auxiliary may also be called up in the event of an extreme threat to the town, which we expect to happen no more frequently than twice per festival, and citizens will fight at the direction of their Squad’s Militiawomen in such case. More details are in the full text.

This plan will remain in effect for the duration of 1718. After the Eve of Remembrance, we will consider whether to continue it in the new year, or alter or replace it in some manner. As always, we welcome your observations and suggestions regarding the efficacy of the current system.

We will be organizing and paying the initial militia members shortly after the beginning of the upcoming Festival. If you are interested in joining, it would be helpful if you comment here, but is not required.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch, for the Town Council of Port Katherine, in the 1,718th Year After the Shattering

[Text attached: ]


Not to discount the need for a militia, but how are we paying this lavish salary?

If we are all expected to contribute, why has there not been a town meeting with which to air our opinions? I for one have much to say on the topic, and I am sure we all wish to think deeply on the matter beforehand. I am so glad that you have given us this proposal so we can do our thinking ahead of time and then discuss it when we have all gathered at the festival. I plan on having much to say on the matter so please do plan an adequate amount of time.

Mme Verenberg

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So we’ve all been conscripted to the military and we’re expected to pony up the officers’ salaries as well?

I don’t want to discount the need for a defense force, but I’m not keen on being ordered about by a junior version of Captain Stanton.


I encourage all concerned citizens to read the full text of this decision. While I will keep my opinions on the matter to myself, for now, I did find that it cleared up several questions I had, when I did so.

-Countess von Silberholtz


It is important to note that you do not need to pay the 5 ducats if you fight or contribute skilled labor to the militia. And neither do you need to fight if you pay. The Militia are also gaining salary by the revenu from the new customs house I believe. Besides, many of you are fighting right now ANYWAY, because frankly we are in a situation where we have to fight for our lives; I don’t expect everyone should be paid a living wage just for moving here and protecting their own interests. I was not paid the one time I was actually backed into a corner and forced to fight for my life despite never having a moment of training in my life, who should have paid me for protecting my own life just because I also coincidentally protected others by extension?

If you truly have a problem with all of us contributing to our own survival given the extraordinary circumstances we face then you should take the lack of adequate defenses up with the crown, or leave. I pay a personal guard already, and will ALSO be supporting the militia while insisting to Stanton that the crown needs to do better to fulfill its duty of protecting its citizens.

If you are so keen to make a living wage off the sword then you should join the Navy, or petition to be in the militia proper rather than the axillary and the responsibilities that come with that. If you wish to gain coins for swinging about your sword without any responsibilities or obligations than rifle through all the pirate pockets you like, but I, as a non-combatant, am not willing to pay EVERY stranger who shows up to this dangerous frontier with a blade who could just as easily leave when we need them most.


As I’m sure surprises no one, I, James Corvid, am very interested in joining this Militia.

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I expect, given our prior experience, you’ll want a few spiritualists who know their way around a sword, so I’m in, and if Ravil isn’t I’ll eat their hat.


My plants and a certain Drevnian orphan I must look after may take up too much of my time to make me a good formal militia member, but I be there to throw rocks alongside you whenever possible.

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Does the chosen captain have to be a she? I would be interested in such a position, but not if it is for females only. That would put a damper on my day. -Magnus

I think “Militiawoman” was an attempt to keep with the theme of using feminine pronouns when referring to things (For example, Isaac identifies as male, but holds the title of Countess).


Just standard contract language, that. The courts have upheld that the Legal She applies to men and other individuals as well many times.


We understand that there is a system by which we can be alerted when test subjects for experimental weaponry and engineering developments have been discovered. We expect this will also result in some number of interestingly wounded persons. Please subscribe my dear sister and me to these alerts immediately.


This is my favorite comment. I don’t care what comes after, this will remain my favorite because it just plain wins. (Says Melissa, not Annaliese)

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Well, by the aether I don’t know what half of this means, but I sure am glad someone is doing something proactive!

Alright, I’m now taking bidding on not joining the militia, so as to serve Lilywhite one hat fricassee.

Lessee, lost wages for the year would be… yeah, if I can get folk promising me 10 ducats not to join the Militia, I’ll invite you to the Lily-eats-a-hat party.


Paying to watch someone eat a hat sounds like a good sideshow exhibit. Anyone want to split with me?


I am interested to a degree but would like to spend as little as possible. A pool, perhaps?

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Yeah, I don’t expect anyone to come up with 10d all by their own self.

I spent more than a few minutes considering it, make no mistake.

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