To Any Who Cooks in this Town

If I hear of you offering any restorative or fortifying sustenance, and especially anything you learned from me, to Frederick Comptess Northmarch, I will see to it you never receive instruction from Maris or myself ever again. He has done me a great injury, and as such, I expect him to no longer benefit from any cuisine I have had a hand in.

In cheerier news, Captain Stanton has asked me to bake the traditional coin cakes for the Night of Souls festival. I have spoken with some of you before, but to do so, I will need 2 units of Honey. Most of my budget is spoken for, so I can mostly only offer lessons in exchange.

Volt, Mildred, Ichabod: I do expect some assistance in this matter, having already passed some of my knowledge on under this agreement.

Suyematsu Masaharu