To all Spiritualists and those interested in spiritual matters or at least ensuring that defeated enemies do not rise and attack again after death


I hope you all are still in at least as good health as I saw you in last festival. I believe I spoke to many of you about these matters already, but there are some important topics to discuss to ensure that we can continue to deal with any hostile spirits and revenants, and hopefully minimize how often those problems occur. We have currently been doing our best to keep the enemies we kill in defense of the town and each other from rising again but there are limits to what we can accomplish. For those who are unfamiliar with how we do so, it is a two-step process. A spiritualist must sanctify the dead body to ensure the spirit passes on and does not remain in this world and haunt the area that they fell–and more than likely seek vengeance against those that killed them. Anyone can use a Draught of Quietude–or a Quiet the Battlefield when dealing with a large number of fallen–to ensure the dead body does not rise as a revenant, though most spiritualists like to work in the use of the potion into their sanctification ritual.

I would like to thank many members of the town for assisting with donations of arcanum for sanctification or quiet the battlefield potions during the last two festivals. During the spring and summer, Lilywhite and I paid out of pocket and thus were limited to only sanctifying and quieting Blackheart’s lieutenants after they fell. We spiritualists cannot afford to handle ensuring the dead do not rise again on our own and thus will always accept any and all donations of arcanum, Draughts of Quietude, or Quiet the Battlefields. But on the topic of sanctification, it is very important to note that we are not doing things as efficiently as we can. If our town constructs a graveyard, then any spiritualist can sanctify without spending any arcanum. While every defeated foe may not be able to be quieted, all of them could be sanctified, and I think a revenant is in general a little easier to deal with than a hostile spirit. To construct the graveyard, we would need 50 units of iron, 10 units of wood, and 100 arcanum as materials with 5 individuals focusing on construction. Currently we have set aside:

Iron: 0/50
Wood: 0/10
Arcanum: 68/100
Builders: 0/5

If anyone is willing to donate any resources or their time, it would be appreciated. If you have currently donated, please let me know unless you wish to remain anonymous. I expect we will not be able to complete this until summer, but I think it is vital we get this done as soon as possible.

Continuing on the topic of acquiring much needed resources, I have spoken very briefly with our militia captain, Lily Ferris, about ensuring that we can take preventive measures to keep the dead from being a problem a second time along with dealing with the revenants and spirits that do occur. I will need to speak with her and other spiritualists further about this, and I will also be bringing all of this up with the rest of the town council during our meetings.

To the spiritualists themselves and those interested in becoming spiritualists, I know we have remained rather loosely organized thus far. However, as many other specialists in Port Katherine form guilds and other more formal associations, we may want to follow suit. This should allow us to better share information and allow us to negotiate more easily. I am interested in hearing your opinions on this matter.

And on a final, tangentially-related note, I know we all occasionally encounter less hostile spirits that were not properly put to rest before, and that when we are able, we do our best to help them move on. I currently do not know of any good system that would allow us to let any family, friends, or other loved ones of the deceased to know so that we can give them closure. If anyone has any ideas, I would be interested in them, though I do admit in many cases there might not be anyone to inform considering what happened to the last colony.

Thank you all for your time, and apologies for the length of my missive.

Dame Nathrach RĂ­an Quigley
Spiritualist and Member of the Town Council


I’ve already donated 56 arcanum (which I assume is already factored into that total), and I can also donate a plank of wood.

I may also be able to spare some time to do some building, unsure yet. I’ll get back to you.

A Grave yard does seem like a good idea, but wouldn’t a jail prevent revenants, and thus also ghost as well?

That is a fair point. The gaol being constructed will also lower the amount we need to sanctifying and quiet the dead by giving us a non-execution based option. However, there are some enemies to the town that I believe would be too powerful to contain in any prison and ones whose crimes will end in execution regardless along with the very tragic possibility of any townsfolk passing away (sadly our enemies will not be the only ones who need funerals). Also having a place to remember and respect those who we lost while sad I feel is important.

And so in the end it comes down to resources. Which will be cheapest and fastest to build? We should focus on that in order to take pressure off the spiritualists and cut down on revenants as soon as possible.

While I believe a graveyard would be better for the spiritual well-being of the colony, a jail would perhaps be more useful in the short term. I am not opposed to bloodshed but it is a hard thing to kill so many as we do only for lack of a better solution.

…when we defeat people we don’t feel are dangerous enough to need killing, have we considered just letting them go?

They will come back if they think we are soft. Some of the pirates we let go with a warning have been through town again.

And consider the New Dawn. Desperate people, with loved ones dying of the plague, seeing nothing done by the government, who went to extremes… We cannot just let terrorists roam through our woods but surely some of the lower-level thugs deserve a fair trial and a chance to plead their cases.


I focused on the sanctification costs after battles to appeal to as many people as possible. There are other reasons why would want a graveyard constructed.

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Captain Ferris -
A Gaol costs 10 wood, 10 iron, 5 lead, and 5 focus.

Discussing what we are going to prioritize building is on the list of TC matters to be discussed before Spring. Your input is certainly appreciated.