Tiyagan Declaration of War

Fellow Citizens of Port Katherine,

It is with a heavy heart that I post this copy of the Tiyagan Declaration of War. They assert that Port Katherine belongs to Tiyago and Tiyago alone. As all of you have shown by your brave actions ensuring that Queen Katherine II was escorted to safety, we shall not yield to their provocation. We stand ready to continue to provide vital arcanum to Kithera’s other islands, serve at the forefront of scientific innovation for the benefit of all of her citizens, and to assist with this war at Queen Katherine II’s direction.

Please see below for the full text of the declaration.

Your humble servant in times of peace or war,

Countess Rukiye Maryam Nai’ma bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira
Lieutenant Governor and Town Councilor of Port Katherine

Declaration of War

There comes a time, in the course of human events, when the slights and aggression of a former brother can no longer be born, and for the sake of the dignity and peace of her people, a nation must rise up declare No More.

IN LIGHT OF THE recent incursion of the Kithiran people into TIyagan sovereign territory, most egregious and unlawfully that of the settlement so-called “Port Katherine”, for the express intent of taking resources in possession of the Tiyagan throne, and additionally whipping up local lawless elements into increased acts of violence and piracy against those attempting to shepard the peaceful movement of goods.

WHEREAS all cordial and diplomatic attempts on the part of the Empire of Tiyago have been rebuffed most abruptly, all requests for remittance of Tiyago’s citizens’ property lost to aforementioned pirates sponsored and abetted by the Kithiran Queendom have been refused, and increasingly protectionist legislation enacted to unbalance any mercantile interaction between the aforementioned nations in favor of the Queendom of Kithira,

BE IT ENACTED by the will of the Kaiser, that all previously settled treaties and bonds between the Empire of Tiyago and Kithiran Queendom are henceforth dissolved and shall extend to bind the subjects of His Imperial Majesty’s lands no further, and

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, the relations between the Empire of Tiyago and the Kithiran Queendom shall be that of WAR until such times as the rightful demands of the Empire of Tiyago have been met,

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that all commercial intercourse between any person or persons resident within the Empire of Tiyago or under their protection, and any person or persons resident within the Kithiran Queendom or under their protection, shall hereby be prohibited and fully suspended, and

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that any cargo found to be within the territorial boundaries of the Empire of Tiyago discovered to be possessions of a subject of the Kithiran Queendom, or the goods and resources found to be transmitted on a ship owned or operated by a subject of the Kithiran Queendom or flying the flag of same, shall henceforth be regarded as wholly forfeit and may be seized and requisitioned or destroyed by any ship under the command of the Imperial Navy, carrying a Letter of Marque from Abendroth Kaiser, or otherwise operating under the writ of the government of the Empire of Tiyago, and

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that any commercial vessel owned and operated by citizens of the Empire of Tiyago which shall be compelled by distress of weather or aether or other casualty endangering the safety of such a vessel or shall be taken by force of arms by operatives of the Kithiran Queendom, that in such case the owner or captain of such a vessel may receive compensation for cargo losses endured, to be paid from the forfeited assets of Kithiran citizens and ships equal to not more than 75% of lost cargo, and

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the captain and crew of any commercial vessel owned and operated by citizens of the Empire of Tiyago may oppose and defend against any search, restraint, or seizure, which shall be attempted upon such vessel by the captain or crew of any armed vessel sailing under the colors of the Kithiran Queendom or purporting to act under Kithiran authority, and may repel by force any hostility committed or threatened by the aforesaid Kithiran vessel, and

PROVIDED, AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that whenever the Queen of Kithira and all persons acting by or under her authority shall turn over the colony so called “Port Katherine” to its right and proper owners, the Empire of Tiyago, forfeit all perceived claims on the lands rimwards of the island of Northmarch, make remittances equal to that of the natural wealth already extracted, the interest thereupon, and any costs incurred in reclaiming such remittances, and lower all barriers of trade between the Empire of Tiyago and the Kithiran Queendom, the state of amicable relations between the aforementioned countries can return, and all laws pertaining to the duty, search, and seizure of goods shall return to their peacetime state.

Abendroth Blaise
Emperor of Tiyago