Time to Whip up some Winter Meals!

English Muffins
Vegetarian breakfast sausage
American ‘Cheese’ slices
Oatmeal w/ fixings
Hard Boiled Eggs and various Spreads for breads will be out.

If the Site doesn’t have a large commercial toaster I will be recruiting 5 or 6 people to bring counter top ones so we can set up a continental breakfast situation.

Berry compote
Baked apples
Ricotta Cheese
Whipped Cream
Chocolate sauce
(Bananas, Peanut butter and Jam will also be out from the snacks)
Also see next response for some additional details

Pasta (w/ non-gluten variant)
Red sauce
Alfredo sauce
Vegetarian “Ground Beef” Crumbles

Cookies (for various dietary restrictions)
Homemade Rice pudding w/ crepe leftovers

As per usual I am looking for a few Volunteers to help serve and clean up the various meals!
You will be rewarded with gratitude! And also your choice of 1 CP or 5 Ducats per hour of help! If you have any questions about what a duty entails please just message me here, at Osiojessica@Gmail, or on the #pk-foodtalk channel in Slack!

Sat. breakfast Captain: Jess0 (Seren)
Lunch Captain:
Dinner Captain:
Sun. Breakfast Captain: Jess0 (Seren)
Snack Captains: Logan (Ebeneezer)

Sat Breakfast Clean-up: Eli (Lilywhite)
Lunch Cleanup: George (Gideon)
Dinner Cleanup: Chelle (Caitriona)
Sun Breakfast Cleanup: Jordan (Stev)


For Lunch we are also Opening up the Crepe bar to Potluck donations! If you do want to bring something please post it here so we don’t get completely overloaded with stuff, and all participants should plan to bring their own left-overs home instead of making it the problem of the site clean-up crew. You don’t need to bring a hundred portions; Not everyone will eat every topping, so even just a bit is helpful, especially if a lot of people participate! (Please post here if you plan to!)

Good things to bring would be:
Other Fruits
Cooked Spinach
Caramelized Onions
Sauteed Mushrooms
Cooked Tomatoes
Cheddar, Swiss, and/or Mozzarella Cheeses
Deli Meats
Pulled Pork
Shredded Steak
IDK, whatever you want, I’m not the boss of you.


I’m happy to Snack Captain again.


I will be happy to help with Saturday lunch cleanup and dinner cleanup.

Is there a recommended number of portions? (I.e. 10 yellow onions’ worth, 6 cups sliced mushrooms, etc.) I can easily chop and caramelize a bunch of onions and bring it in a disposable roasting pan. I just have no idea what’s reasonable. Is it 10, 20, 40 yellow onions?

I mean how much to make is determined by how much you’re willing to make, and how much people will eat, (modified by individual’s tastes and how much other stuff people are making) It’s not really anything we’ll have a good guide for until we have a good idea of how many people are bringing things?

I’m planning to make a batch of caramelized onions and/or a batch of this Friday night if anyone wants to be a second pair of hands on that.

I second Jess’s “how much you’re willing”, but I’d say caramelized onions will be popular, and you could do a lot. Maybe fill up your roasting pan with fresh onion and see what that cooks down to?

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I can help with Saturday Breakfast cleanup.

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I can help with dinner cleanup and have a toaster I can bring if we need them! I’ll also bring some crêpe fixings.

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I can get Sunday breakfast cleanup

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I can bring both an electric kettle and a large toaster oven (the kind that can fit a small pizza).

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I can do cleaning for Lunch on Saturday.

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Hi Everyone!

So Dan, my only other meal captain is unable to make it to PK this weekend suddenly leaving me as the person in charge of food prep and serving for all 4 meals.

Which will be OK as these are all very easy pre-made heat and serve meals for the most part!

That said, if you are bored between the hours of 12pm and 1pm, or between 6pm and 7pm please feel free to come visit me in the kitchen just incase I end up needing a hand!

And thank you thank you thank you in advance to my wonderful clean up captains and all y’all who will be helping with dishes. Honestly serving is the easier part this event and y’all are heroes!!


Since David is out and he was going to be lead on carmalized onions, it falls to me to make sure I have everything needed to make a pile of caramelized onions.

I am going to get several bags of yellow onions, some olive oil, and kosher salt. Should I also get a disposable roasting oan or two? Should I bring my own chef’s knife?

Lastly, David and I were going to cook Friday night. Anybody know if there is a large pan to sauté the onions? My plan is to sauté a bunch at once, pop them in the roasting pan and then pop them into the fridge. Is there plastic wrap there or do I need to being that? As a person with 0 kitchen experience who learned to cook from YouTube, is there a faster/better way I should so this?

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There is a large pan, it was used to make fried rice at WW last weekend and is huge. Probably bigger than necessary honestly unless you’re doing like 20+ onions. (maybe more like 50+ depending on size)
A splash of balsamic in caramelized onion is incredible. If you have a chef’s knife you’re comfortable with and is sharp you can bring, that’s probably best, because a sharp knife you know is always the safest.

I think the RFR supplies have plastic wrap, but that’s worth confirming. Since Jess will be there before you, you could probably use site pans to store rather than needing disposable, without getting in her way.

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I have my toaster and electric kettle packed, and am bringing bananas, honey, nutella, and tea!

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