"This Space For Rent"

As some of you may have seen, I had my wares for sale and sought posted on my briefcase this festival. Before noon on Saturday I had entirely sold out my stock and gathered the wants I had listed, in no small part due to this posting.

Going forward, both sides of my briefcase will be “For Rent” with each side having space for two postings, and with each posting being in half day increments. The briefcase will, as always, be carried with me throughout the day around town and potentially to fields of battle, and will often be on display within and around the tavern while I am socilizing or doing business.

Prices to be negotiated, but of course will be dependant on how many spaces, on which side, and for how long a given posting would be up. Further variables to consider would be how controversial a posting is, and how much legal or physical liability I would risk for carrying a posting. Any postings in a non Kithrian language will have an upcharge, and the fae language doubly so.

Spots will be first come first serve, so plan now for the festival of fire and lock in your spots!

-Sir Jakob Bosheit, Vassal of House Alderbridge of Drevnia and resident of Port Katherine