The Local Pitball Team

With the pending need for the Queen’s Exhibition match, and the upcoming league obligations for Spring, the Port is in desperate need of a second team. I’d like to at least get something going for the Remembrance Match.

Vaast Verenberg
Bishop Davi
Pleasant Everheart
Isaac Everheart
Bertand Steinman
Lily Ferris

Team 2:

Ursula Swift (Pending Availability)
Silas Amira


Unfortunately I will not be around for the arrival of the queen.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played, but I was a regular pit fiend as a boy. If you’re hard up for bodies, then I can at the least jump in for a scrimmage. Just don’t necessarily expect to be impressed…

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I said this in the other conversation before seeing this one, but…

Depending on time, I could probably be convinced to be part of the exhibition pitball team, as well.

I was asked whether I could convince Mikhailovich to come in from the Armadillos to play for the Queen. I will not be attempting that.

~ Amity


Good evening,

As my cousin began to organize at last festival, the Alizé hoping to sponsor the team opposite the Foxes and then carry it onwards to the future a regular team. We hope that this will promote Port Katherine and grow the league to properly include us.

I will be putting up a post shortly regarding this.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the match!

Countess Rukiye Maryam no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira