The Graveyard and Putting Spirits and Bodies to Rest

My Fellow Citizens of Port Katherine,

As many of you are aware, we recently completed construction of the Graveyard. For those unaware, a ritual is required to sanctify the Graveyard each season. While this only is needed to be done one, I can understand if the various religious and other groups in Port Katherine want to make sure the Graveyard is properly sanctified according to their specifications. I plan to perform a ceremony in the style of the Glorious Choir of Swirling Mists within half an hour after the summer festival begins and am comfortable doing a non-denominational ceremony after that. I do not feel qualified to lead a ceremony related to any of the other faiths I know of in town, but if anyone wishes to lead such ceremony please let me know and I can try to form a schedule.

If there are any other non-sanctifying related ceremonies or rituals that you would like to see performed at the Graveyard, please let me know and as needed will create a schedule.

Related to the different faiths and cultures of Kithira, I know that not everyone utilizes the common gravestone in their burial practices. If there is something that you believe should be added to the Graveyard, let me know. I cannot guarantee it will be added before the Festival of Souls however. Similarly if there is someone you want to ensure has a personal gravestone or other such marker in the Graveyard, please let me know. Similar time constraints exist where I cannot guarantee such markers will be made before the Festival of Souls.

While the Graveyard is properly maintained, any trained Spiritualist can Sanctify Dead without expending Arcanum. This means we should be able to quiet the spirits of those who pass easily. However unless we have a Surveyor to improve the Graveyard - and I do not believe we will have a Surveyor’s skills available to purchase for such a task until more exist in Port Katherine - the Graveyard does not assist in quieting the body. In order to prevent Revenants we will still need Draughts of Quietude for singular bodies and Quiet the Battlefields for fields of them. They require Maggots and Glowing Mushrooms to craft respectively. As per usual, if they are needed feel free to reach out to me for them. I try to keep a supply of both on hand for when they are needed - I used to carry a supply of Arcanum set aside for sanctifying as well.

Tragically I am currently out of Draughts of Quietude and only have a single Quiet the Battlefield remaining, I will be interested in purchasing more in the future though I doubt I will be able to resupply before the Festival of Souls. If you acquire either of the necessary ingredients I would be interested in purchasing them and then hiring an Apothecary to craft with them. Any assistance with this endeavor to ensure the town remains supplied with what it needs to assure the peaceful passing on of the deceased is appreciated.

Dame Nathrach Rían Quigley