Text of Queen Katherine II's Speech to Port Katherine, Remembrance 1719

Women of Port Katherine, I am honored to be here, on this island far to the north, as part of this bold experiment that you incredible people have been part of for the last two years.

This year, I have been visiting our Queendom, and I have seen many great things. In Chepstone, I bore witness to our nation’s heart, the vibrant beating energy that springs fruitful from that once-destroyed island. In Zlota, I saw the spirit of Kithira, the heritage of an island that looks beyond its mists and deep forests to be a center of commerce and industry. Only moments before tragedy, I journeyed to Kithira’s mind, the great mountain of Drevnia, where some of the most inspiring minds work tirelessly, and now - despite tragedy, continue to work, to increase the understanding of all of us in the world.

Today, however, I stand before our nation’s Courage. You, who have come so far from home to risk everything. You, who have battled pirates and monsters and the unknown. You, who - alone among the nations that are our peers - have embarked on a voyage of discovery and exploration, creating a settlement on a new island, for the first time in a thousand years.

Let no one doubt your bravery and the vital role you play in our great Queendom. Undissuaded by the loss of your predecessors, you strove valiantly on, building a thriving community from your sweat and grit and perseverance. I could not possibly be more proud of you, and I could certainly not be any more in awe of you as people as I am today.

The future of Kithira will be built here, in Port Katherine. From courageous women who embody the best of our nation. From you.

This town may bear my name, but it is unquestionably yours. And its future will be a future you write. A future I know we will enter boldly. A future I cannot wait to enter, with you.