Teaching Schedule, Winter 1718

Some professions are not scheduled for lessons this event; we know, this is intentional. If there is a profession that you want training for that is not listed here, contact your trainer in the next BGS period to ensure they will be in town for Spring. If you want training in one of the below in Spring, make sure to tell your trainer that.


  • Apothecary: Sunday Morning
  • Artificer: Saturday Morning
  • Engineering: Saturday Morning
  • Scholar: Saturday Morning
  • Skirmisher: Saturday Morning
  • Soldier: Saturday Morning
  • Spiritualist: Friday Night
  • Surgeon: Saturday Afternoon


  • Beekeeper: Saturday Afternoon
  • Cooking: Saturday Afternoon
  • Gardener: Saturday Afternoon
  • Hunter: Saturday Morning
  • Merchant: Friday Night and Saturday Afternoon
  • Socialite: Saturday Afternoon
  • Stockbroker: Friday Night and Saturday Afternoon

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine