Teaching Schedule, Summer 1719

Here is the listing for when staffers able to teach various headers and professions will be out in game. Keep in mind that, for most headers/professions, other PCs can provide the same level of teaching that NPCs can. Also keep in mind that, while they may be out in game, these NPCs may not be out with the intention of providing lessons - convincing them may be on you.


  • Apothecary: Sunday morning
  • Artificer: Saturday afternoon
  • Engineer: Friday night, Saturday morning
  • Scholar: Saturday afternoon
  • Skirmisher: Saturday evening
  • Soldier: Saturday morning
  • Spiritualist: Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening
  • Surgeon: Friday night


  • Beekeeper: Saturday afternoon
  • Cooking: Friday night
  • Farmer: Saturday afternoon
  • Laborer: Saturday evening
  • Merchant: Friday night, Saturday afternoon
  • Stockbroker: Friday night, Saturday afternoon
  • Socialite: Saturday afternoon

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine