Teaching Schedule for Summer, 1718

This game, we’re going to try something new. We don’t want to necessarily just spell out for you who the teachers are and how to get them to teach things, etc - but we also don’t want you to spend the entire game feeling anxious about whether you missed your teacher or not. So, we’ve decided to post a vague-ish idea of when various teachers will be out in game. This list isn’t holy writ - while we try to keep to the schedule as best we can, there are always circumstances outside our control. But this list should give you a vague idea of when to expect that various teachers will be in game.


  • Surgeon (Saturday morning)
  • Apothecary (Sunday morning)
  • Soldier (Saturday morning)
  • Engineer (Friday evening)
  • Skirmisher (Saturday evening)
  • Spiritualist (Saturday afternoon)
  • Scholar (Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon)
  • Artificer (Saturday evening)


  • Laborer (Friday evening)
  • Gardener (Saturday afternoon)
  • Beekeeper (Saturday morning)
  • Farmer (Saturday afternoon)
  • Merchant (Friday evening)
  • Stockbroker (Friday evening)
  • Socialite (Saturday afternoon)
  • Cook (Friday evening, Saturday morning)
  • Hunter (Saturday afternoon)
  • Criminal (yeah… no one seriously thought I’d say, did they?)

We hope that relieves some anxiety.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Brian, this is glorious…I want to like it twice.

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Any chance there will be skilled Lawyers around willing to give a lesson?

Not a lot of places for them to work in town, is there?

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Thank you! Now I know when not to nap.

Getting on the thank you train. This is lit.

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No landowner trainers?

Not at this game.

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Does military officer follow a traditional lessons system for advancement, or do promotions follow a separate path/system?