Surgeons Guild Elections, Dawning '23

Hello fellow surgeons,

It’s Spring, a time of renewal and just general newness, so it’s fitting that we will be having our surgeon guild elections this festival. I highly encourage everyone who has even the slightest inclination to run to go for guild leader. I have no doubt that any one of you possess double the skills necessary to do this job, and I’ve been scraping by with like a quarter, so have some faith in yourself and throw that metaphorical hat into the ring!

As a reminder, the position of guild leader is a two-season term, and the only rules we have on running are a) you must be a surgeon and b) you cannot simultaneously hold a seat on the Town Council. The surgeon’s guild right now primarily acts as a group of advisors, study-buddies, and mentors – some of the big things we do are set general market prices/rates for surgical practices; share research about ongoing medical quandaries that could, yknow, help the citizens of Port Katherine not be dead; and make sure new surgeons learn the medicinal lessons of their choosing.

I’ve instituted a small guild fee of a few ducats per season. If that is beyond your means, please let me know and we’ll work things out. The guild funds have been used to hire outside resources for medical problems (like the parasites currently burrowing in the ground beneath us) and will only be used for guild business. And if this policy is not to your liking, good news: you can win the election and change it! Politics are great like that.

I’ll be about poking people on the First of Dawning to spread the word about this, figure out when’s the best time to hold a vote, and determine if we’re continuing the terrible, no-good tradition of meeting up at 8:30 in the morning on the second day of festivities.

Stay alive,
Sláine Flann Quigley