Surgeon Looking For Surgery Things

Looking for surgeon tools or other things that would assist me in performing surgeries or other medical procedures. Willing to pay money and prices are negotiable.

These are the ones I bought (though I got the non-bloody versions because I am a professional). The maker is super nice, and will let you swap out any of the default surgeon tools with any of the others they sell in their store.

For other stuff, I got some cheap gauze for bandages, metal bacon tongs for picking up things, and a cloth apron with pockets.

(OCC: This is an in-character request for like surgeon tools or potentially books or something because I know there are ways to downgrade the mandatory placement of black beads to red beads or other potential benefits. Thanks for the quick response though :slight_smile: )

(Ohhhh…I should have realized that from the inclusion of the character name. I think it may be time for bed.)

(All good - it happens sometimes)