Surgeon Guild Leader: Results!

Hello all surgeons!

So the votes have been tallied and it was incredibly close! But we do have a winner: Sláine Flann Quigley. Quick reminder that she will be holding the position of surgeon guild leader for two seasons only. If you hate her (which, fair), you merely have to endure her reign til then, at which point all interested parties are encouraged to run again (seriously, the votes were really close between all candidates, so don’t hesitate running in the future – it seems we all generally feel our fellow surgeons are very qualified persons!).

In the meantime, our new guild leader promises to do her best on behalf of the guild in the upcoming seasons. Things currently on her to-do list include: ensuring surgeons can locate specialized teachers, revisiting general baseline prices & getting that info out there for all our members, keeping an eye on that growing parasite problem, looking into acquiring some cool surgeon guild identifying trinket or symbol for members to have, and training someone to be more qualified than her to run the guild in two seasons’ time. If there are any matters you’d like to discuss or bring to her attention, feel free to mention them here or write a letter privately to her.

Thank you again for everyone who ran and participated in this endeavor!

Stay alive in the meantime,
Sláine Flann Quigley