Surgeon Guild Elections

Hello all surgeons!

If I or one of the Alizé talked to you during the Summer gather, it might’ve come up that we were holding surgeon guild elections. That uhhhhh, didn’t happen. Obviously. I believe we were all too distracted by the news of the Tiyagan’s invasion and takeover – either that or the shadow creatures trying to strike us dead. Anyways, we’re gonna do that election now, but we first want to make sure that anyone eligible who wants to throw their hat in the ring gets the chance to do so.

So the position of guild leader is a two-season term, and the only rules we have on running are a) you must be a surgeon and b) you cannot simultaneously hold a seat on the Town Council. The surgeon’s guild right now primarily acts as a group of advisors, study-buddies, and mentors – some of the big things we do are set general market prices/rates for surgical practices; share research about ongoing medical quandaries that could, yknow, help the citizens of Port Katherine not be dead; and make sure new surgeons learn the medicinal lessons of their choosing. There is no guild fee – the only time we have previously charged all members is when we decided to buy surgical equipment for guild use.

So, if running the surgeon’s guild sounds like something you’d like to do, please write your full name under this notice within the next week. After which, I will make another notice listing all candidates, & then we can hold a proper vote - er, well, the most proper vote we can hold under Tiyagan rule.

Do your best to stay alive,
Sláine Flann Quigley

OOG clarification

If you want to run, please comment that either here on this forum page, on the FB crosspost, or in the surgeon’s guild subchannel in the boston slack group (if you’re not part of that, please let me know and I’ll find someone to invite you to it). Be sure to include your character name as well so I’ll know what to put on the ballot.


To my fellow surgeons-

I, Ebeneezer Ellsworth, will stand for election to guild leader. I know nobody wants to see a man in charge, myself included. I’m often I’ll-tempered and a bit of a curmudgeon. My thought is straightforward, I’m likely the least talented surgeon on the island, which also makes me the most expendable surgeon on the island. If there is a problem with the occupiers that results in them grabbing guild leaders, town council members, etc., it’s better for me to be taken than other guild members. If I get shot, I’ll count on you to stitch me up.

Stay alive,
Dr. Ebeneezer Ellsworth



Morrigan Marinus has requested that I inform you of their decision to participate in the election for surgeon’s guild leader. I quote: “With all the arms of the surgeon’s guild, we could make medicine go so much faster. Ellie, go make that happen. We should go fast. Maybe with rocket legs. Or healing bullets.”

While I’m not fully confident that Morrigan understands what running the surgeons guild entails, I do believe in their ability to keep abreast of the latest horrifying medical atrocities, and share that knowledge with all members of the community (willing and otherwise). They are also currently hitting me with a spoon so that I will mention all the work they’ve done to track the number of surgeries and curses the average citizen of Port Katherine has accrued.

As I’d like to not have to supervise them for an hour, I am supporting their candidacy by pledging that, if elected, I will send M. Marinus out each festival with a note on when surgeon’s guild meetings will be held.

Evy Volareth

OOG Clarification

Morrigan is running, and would be pleased to have your votes.


(a note scribbled on the bottom of this posting in nauseatingly pink ink)

ELLSWORTH! The idea that we would let you be taken by anyone is a very bad joke! If such an attempt is made, be assured that myself and others will engage in medical malpractice of a martial style in your defense!


Since this notice has (unsurprisingly) become the main platform for all candidates, it seems appropriate to mention two others who have thrown their metaphorical hats into the ring.

  1. Czesława Orzełbiełik Teuthida Alizé. This one really shouldn’t come as a surprise. She was one of the founding members of our rag-tag guild, she runs mobile triage every time the Port’s in trouble ever since we learned that we needed a mobile triage, and she’s an Alizé, which I feel is enough to speak to her competency.

  2. Sláine Flann Quigley. Yep, that’s me – I’ve finally broken down and started doing politics: we certainly live in some interesting times, surgeons. But seriously, I’ve taken a look at our assembled surgeons and realized, quite belatedly I’m ashamed to admit, that I’m one of the few who have been here from the beginning. And though I’m inept in nearly every other field, if there’s one thing I have near blasphemous levels of confidence about, it’s medicine. I have plenty to teach, I’m always looking into some medical phenomenon or other, and the inhabitants of this foresaken port have grown on me with the speed and force of the new parasite infestation. If you’ll grant me the honor, I promise to do my best in giving the newer surgeons that same level of blasphemous, well-founded confidence in their chosen craft.

Best of luck to all candidates!


Hello again surgeons!

This is a reminder that if you plan to run for the surgeon’s guild elections, please throw your proverbial hat into the ring before the 11th bell tonight. After that time, I will do my best to get a ballot released in a timely fashion, and then we can get on with the voting portion of the election.

Don’t die in the meantime,
Sláine Flann Quigley

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