Summer Revels: Sunday, August 12!

Summer Revels has been scheduled for 1-6pm on Sunday, August 12! This is our OOG picnic where we can socialize, bring our families and SOs, play silly games for IG prizes, eat, drink, and be merry!

Some facts:

  • The event will take place at 103 Turnpike Road, Westminster, MA 01473! This is the home of Alice and Vicky Trei’s parents, who graciously host us for this event. Directions are below.
  • Revels is a potluck! There is an outdoor grill if you’d like to cook.
  • Revels is BYOB! Bring whatever you’d like to drink!
  • There is a pool! Bring your swimsuit and towel!

This year Revels will be for both RFR games simultaneously: Witchwood and Port Katherine! As such, our event will be a bit larger than usual, and we will ask for volunteers closer to the event to help set up and clean up.

How to get there: take exit 27, not 28, regardless of what your GPS tells you. Exiting at 28 leads to a blocked road littered with glass. Taking exit 27 leads to a sign saying that the street is closed except for local traffic; ignore the sign and carry on. Park in the lower driveway when you arrive.

Hope to see you there!

RFR President

(But Joy, that’s not the absolute most popular date on the doodle poll! That’s true, because another factor was choosing a time that’s convenient for our kind hosts!)


Cross-posting from facebook:

Revels is tomorrow! Looks like we’re finally getting a year with rain, but never fear: there’s a rain plan! We’ll be at the same location, just spending a lot of time indoors.

This also means we might not have access to the grill: the grill is outdoors, and if it’s soaked by a thunderstorm, might be hard to light. If you know what you’re bringing to the potluck, please let our hosts, Alice Trei and Vicky Trei, know what it is so they can get a sense for what the kitchen will be accommodating!

Thanks so much for reading, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, rain or shine!

Directions to the venue are above.

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Add-on: there’s a chance the inside rain location will feel a little cramped… does anyone happen to have a pop-up tent? If not we’ll make do, but if you have one that would be great! Please let me know.


Reminder: take exit 27, not 28, regardless of what your GPS says!!