Summer Lost and Found

Things lost at Summer:

  • a sword, gold with a basket hilt and laurel-style decals at the base of the blade
  • a small throwing dagger (details unknown)

Things Found at Summer:

  • a bunch of stuff that went in a bin. Things I remember off the top of my head involves a thin sweater or shawl of some kind, and a box with a yellow rose in it.
  • a pillow and sleeping bag, found in the infirmary

If you have other stuff you have lost (or found), please post it here.

Lost: A black fountain pen with silver ends. It is currently filled with black ink.

Thanks for making this thread, Ducky.

Lost: ~8in foam dagger that looks like bones

Lost: Black journal with white ribbon, gold patterning on the spine, black tie to keep closed. Contains in-character game log for Isadora Sobeck with rules reference in the back.

This may be lost somewhere in my house, and I’ll keep looking, but the more I think about it I’ve realized I wrote my PEL from memory rather than the journal so I’m not sure if it made it home with me.

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