Summer 22 – Favorite Moments & Quotes

Continuing the tradition, what are some of your favorite moments and quotes from 22’s summer? Comment those funny, heartwarming, distressing, or otherwise memorable things here!


Scrap: I’ve found an alternate ending to the novel! It will be about an illicit romance with Lilywhite.
Rukiye: LILYWHITE! Of all people, Lilywhite? You could have asked anyone!
Scrap: But it won’t mention the lawsuit.
Rukiye: Good. It shouldn’t mention Lilywhite either. Anyone would be better! Ravil would be better.
Scrap to Ravil: Can I suggest you as my illicit romance to the romance novelist?
Ravil: Will it be paid?
(some back and forth)
Rukiye: Ravil, I will pay you 10 ducats if the book does not mention the lawsuit or a romance with lilywhite and does have a romance between you and Scrap.


Lily Ferris: Sibella, you’re a horrible influence on Kleis and I wish you hadn’t proposed.
Me, suddenly very worried that she shouted this across a large room: uhh…
Someone: Don’t worry about her, she’s on Liar Liar.
Annaliese: Don’t worry, I’ll prove it; Lily, what’s your name?
Lily: Lily Ferris.
Annaliese, obviously perturbed: …what’s my name?
Lily: Uhh…Maisy?
(Cue confusion about Lily’s name)


It’s not a favorite moment per se, but it is a moment. It turns out that under a red engineers light, a black and red surgery bead looks a whole lot like two black surgery beads.

  • blueberry having a tiny violin and needing to learn how to play it or dance to woo another bear???

  • walking into the library to find people reading bad treasonous erotica

  • my angry dolphin with a trogdor arm on fire over “live hard die young” tattoo

  • the cheese run, and mutually agreeing if we died chasing pretend cheese down a hill then that’s how we wanted to go


Sibella, walking up to Hobbes: Hey, you have a gun! I’ll mark you down as being fashionable :slight_smile:
Hobbes, desperately pulling out a bag: I have arcanum! I have so much arcanum! Look, that’s not fashionable, is it?? Look at it!!


I had pulled Heyselbright for a conversation and asked if he was interested in the cheese run. He looked longingly up the hill, turned away, then started walking back towards it, saying “If I don’t chase the cheese I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”


Arden at the Town Council Election: Oh me! I’ll run and if I win, my grad students will do the work.


The general quiet chanting of “Scrap scrap scrap scrap” that I heard from SO many people. (glad y’all liked my rumour :wink: )


Coming up to the fire circle with cups to see people trying to drink the “Orange Squat” without cups.



Seeing the cat puzzle solved after spending literally hours myself on it and knowing others spent just as long on it. Herding cats is hard. I can’t remember your name, but whoever solved it is a genius.


On a more somber note, I always forget how staunchly patriotic Sibella is. As soon as the order was given to pull the flag down and we all saluted, I started crying, and I still haven’t stopped. Ravil did help a little by singing quietly next to me.


The entire scene with the romance novel publisher. I loved everyone coming up to her to pitch their own (or other townspeople’s) romance drama, unexpectedly walking into Kleis’s existential crisis over happiness, and workshopping the dramatic arc of Scrap’s fake romance with Ravil for maximum dramatic impact.


I’m torn between a few: the reading of the smut Saturday night, the auxiliary patrol and walking back in on the spring vanishing isle mod after collecting some of the first of the materials needed to preserve the samples and hearing that the creatures had a name but were being referred to as Aetheric Slurries.

On a totally unrelated note those organs are preserved until fall so I guess in winter i’ll find out if its possible to drink that lung sample I have and what it does if it becomes and elixer.


The look on everyone’s faces the first time they heard me throw aether packets (thank you staff for a very fun mechanic for a very stupid BGS choice! <3)


Isaac, internally while sitting in a merchant meeting he was pulled into at the last minute: “Hmm this is kind of boring, I hope it ends soon.”

Haley, pulling a bomb out from under the table: “WoAh WhAt Is ThIs???”


-[so much Redacted]

-walking into my cabin sometime Saturday to take a nap and seeing some soot sprites and a tag and instantly knowing who was responsible.

-everyone’s reaction to the ad petra totally didn’t submit on behalf of Isaac. Including Isaac’s reaction.

-defusing a tiyagan bomb successfully

-getting to use a fireblast trap on the tiyagans trying to take the docks and also being able to hold the docks until the surrender.

  • during the Summer/Autumn scarecrow fight, I got walked right up to Adrian/Autumn as a Samodova and stared her dead in the eyes for a good… two seconds before looking at the poor PC trying to negotiate with her and then doing a By My Voice critical

  • “But Stu, if I steal from you then I can make a business card that says I’m a dirty double crosser!”

  • Kate put on an ostrich costume in staff center and everyone simultaneously groaned and then burst out into hideous laughter

  • “How tough are you?”
    Me: “uhhh djshdjfkf no???”


Arden giving the best surgical assistance to Tea.


I didn’t catch a lot of ostrich plot but they were absolutely hilarious.