Summer 2019 Safety Anouncements

Key Safety Items:

Temperatures: We’re expecting high of 83 and low of 55. Make extra sure to bring a sleeping bag, warm clothes at night and possibly extra blankets. Pay extra attention to hydration, as low temperatures can exacerbate the symptoms of dehydration.

Friday of session will mark the new moon, so expected low illumination at night. Arriving at site with a game appropriate source of illumination is highly recommended.

IF YOU ARE USING A SPACE HEATER, make sure that there is at least 36 inches of clearance from any flammable from the front of the heater, and 18 inches from the sides and back. Keep the heater away from any wet areas, on the ground in a level location. The heater must be turned off anytime your cabin is empty. DO NOT FIGHT AROUND THE SPACE HEATER.

As always, it is tick season. Routine tick checks are important. Additionally, tuck your clothing layers in as much as possible, and avoided areas with tall grass when possible.

In addition to tick season, there has been a reported case of EEE in the area. It’s not likely to be an issue, but it’s advised to use bug spray that contains DEET. For those of you who are concerned, additional information can be found at the link below: