Stretch Goals

We want to create a huge community of people who are excited and interested in this game, and to help us do that, we’ve stolen a little idea from Kickstarter - stretch goals.

Here’s how it will work. From now until our first event, as our community meets the below goals, we’ll note them with a public post and then update this post to reflect that they are completed. For any completed goal, the listed reward is given to ALL players whose first Port Katherine game takes place in 2018 (each player can only receive the reward once).

We hope you find this idea as exciting as we do. Here’s the list:

Total Facebook Page Likes
(reward listed is total, so at 350 likes, every player will receive 5 extra starting CP)

  • 150 +1 starting CP - MET
  • 200 +2 starting CP - MET
  • 250 +3 starting CP - MET
  • 300 +4 starting CP - MET
  • 350 +5 starting CP

First Game Registration
(again, reward listed is total, so at 75 registered players - our cap - every player will start with an extra 20 ducats in their bag)

  • 5 +2 starting ducats - MET
  • 15 +4 starting ducats - MET
  • 25 +6 starting ducats - MET
  • 35 +8 starting ducats - MET
  • 45 +10 starting ducats - MET
  • 55 +12 starting ducats - MET
  • 65 +15 starting ducats - MET
  • 75 +20 starting ducats - MET

Fun Things!
(for every one of the below completed, every player will receive one random component or trade good in their bag)

  • Picture of a player on the USS Constitution, holding the Port Katherine rulebook/front cover, posted to the Facebook group - MET
  • Picture of a player, in an 18th century costume, standing next to an actual cannon, holding the Port Katherine rulebook/front cover, posted to the Facebook group - MET
  • 10+ players post a picture of themselves in 18th century costume to the Facebook group - MET
  • 10+ players write a piece of Port Katherine fiction (other than your background) involving their characters (similar to the header introductions in length), get them approved by staff, and post to the Facebook group - MET
  • Pictures of players (does not have to be the same players) at each of the following ten 18th-century taverns, holding the Port Katherine rulebook/front cover- MET
    • The Bell in Hand Tavern (Boston) - DONE
    • Warren Tavern (Charlestown) - DONE
    • Wayside Inn (Sudbury) - DONE
    • Colonial Inn (Concord) - DONE
    • Barker Tavern (Scituate) - DONE
    • Scarlet Oak Tavern (Hingham) - DONE
    • Old Yarmouth Inn (Yarmouthport) - DONE
    • Salem Cross Inn (West Brookfield) - DONE
    • Publick House (Sturbridge) - DONE
    • Red Lion Inn (Stockbridge) - DONE

(note - for the above list, you only need the cover art in your picture, because we understand that many of you will read the rulebook digitally, and that’ll save paper that needs to be printed before the trip)