Stockbroking BGS and Cancelled Events

Unsurprisingly, we didn’t write this LARP with the expectation that we’d have to cancel events. That means that we made some assumptions that I need to figure out now. One of these is stockbroking.

So here’s our situation:

  • When you spent Research before Winter to determine trends, I told you what was going to happen to the stock between Winter and Spring.
  • When you buy or sell stocks, you do so at Winter’s prices.
  • When you buy or sell options, they process at Spring’s prices.
  • When you research stocks, I’m going to tell you the expected changes between Summer and Fall’s prices (your next BGS cycle).

You can see that this is going to be an issue.

To (partially) solve this problem, I’m releasing the Spring stock prices here. Also: stockbrokers may spend their free Summer focus to sell stock, if they wish, at these prices.

Company Name Abbreviation Price
Angostina Apothecary Arts and Apparati AAA 33.3
Arauco Sur Iron and Coal Co. ASR 1.7
Bogoraz Firearms Manufacturing Company BFM 24.4
Babcock, Harbison, and Toole, Inc. BHT 20.3
Blue River Trading Company BLU 61.4
Korkoff Clockwork & Mechanism CLK 17.4
Gustav, Gustav, and Gustav Ltd. GGG 7.2
Brokerage House of Ishida, Clark, and Solak ICS 20.3
Korhonen Larder Goods, Inc. KOR 4.5
McPherson Lumber MCP 41.6
MacMillan Import/Export MIE 52.8
Maro-Gardner Fisheries, Inc. MRO 19.1
National Bank of Kithira NBK 2.9
Papillon Steelworks and Foundry PAP 24.6
Quinn & Quagmire Prospecting QQU 42.0
Royal Entomonerie and Apiarie REA 31.1
Rynsburger Shipwright and Tackle RYN 31.7
Shubbansha Limited SLD 5.4
Shelby Whaling and Fishery SWF 23.9
Volcanic Vegetable and Larder Goods VOL 8.5

We’ll all get through this. There’s just going to be some issues as we deal with these anomalies.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Say what you will about war, but the stock market seems to like it.

With the cancellation of the summer event, are there any plans to adapt stockbroking for two missing events at this point, or is it more of a wait and see situation to see if there’s further impact first?

Hey. Just wanted to touch base on this. How stuff is adjusted for the summer cancellation could have an effect on my/Nico’s focus plans for the bonus focus due this weekend.

In this case, it’s really easy. We’re just freezing the market. So the numbers we have for summer will be the numbers that appear in the fall newspaper.

And the research we did for the summer -> fall period will instead apply to fall->winter?
(Which would make sense, I just want to be 100%)

Yes, exactly.