Staff AMA Videos

Hello everyone! Below you’ll find a link to a google form. What is this form for you ask? Why, to ask your staff some fun questions! We’ll be doing an AMA that we’ll post video responses to.

What sort of things should you ask? Anything! That said we’d like to encourage you all to ask us questions about us as people and not us as the NPCs you know and love/hate/etc. The idea is to give you all a chance to know more about the people running PK! Feel free to ask as many as you want, however many times you want, and to whoever you want (you can make a general question for anyone to answer or ask someone(s) specific to answer your question).

Please note however we reserve the right to not answer questions we feel are inappropriate or otherwise problematic.

We plan to let you all submit questions (as many as you like!) for the next couple of weeks. After we have a good number of questions we’ll take them and start answering them on camera for you all. If we get a lot of questions we may answer them in rounds. This will be an on going thing that we’ll try to do every few weeks or so, so feel free to toss questions as you have them.




happy Monday everyone!


Videos? Oops. Have some audio!

Also, have a string of acronyms: KEP PK AMA MP3

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Hey there friends, filmed this awhile ago but I held off on posting because there was a group AMA where I answered some of these questions buuuut I figure why not. Here’s my AMA!