Spring and Summer, 2020: At Capacity

Our Spring and Summer events for 2020 have reached capacity, and we no longer have any open slots for new registrations. Anyone interested in attending those events should write to staff@portkatherine.com to be placed on a waiting list (we released between 5 and 10 people off the waiting list at our events last year, so don’t feel like the waiting list means you won’t make it!). Please note: you may put your name on the wait list EVEN IF THIS WILL BE YOUR FIRST GAME. You do not need to wait until next Sunday!

Additionally, there are two huge proactive steps you can take to help get into our game:

  1. Get your name on the waitlist - really, there’s very good odds that the first few names will come off.
  2. Attend Spring or Summer as a staffer - even a brief period of providing basic NPC help will qualify you for early registration for Fall and Winter (just make sure you register on the webpage).

Thank you as always for your continued support of this game, this community, and this shared story we are telling together. Your dedication and enthusiasm means the world to me, and I am continually humbled to be allowed to run such an incredible adventure for such wonderful people.

Thank you again,
Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine