Spring '23 Menu

IF there are any meals below where you worry you might be underserved PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Don’t just resign yourself to eating a bit of side to get by without a full tummy since it is TRIVIALLY EASY for me to make side meals if I know ahead of time!!! I can be reached by message on the forums, as Jess0 in slack, at OsioJessica@gmail.com, and at 508-868-4548.


  • Bread with Peanut butter, Jelly, and Butter
  • Pickles
  • Apples, Bananas, Oranges
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Popcorn


  • Water
  • Quick mix Lemonade
  • Unsweetened (Brewed) Tea
  • Coffee in the morning

Saturday Breakfast:

  • Scrambled Eggs (with and without cheese)
  • Oatmeal
  • Pancakes (Also Gluten free waffles)
  • Bacon (Pork & Turkey)
  • Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage
  • Fixings: Blueberries, Strawberries, Whipped Cream, Mapple Syrup, Brown Sugar
  • Snacks also out
  • Gluten Free Wraps Available at all meals

Saturday Lunch:

  • Roast Chicken Drumsticks
  • Potato Soup (Contains Cheese, Sour cream, Onion, and Garlic. There will also be plain vegetable broth and rice for those with allergies to make their own soup with)
  • Beef Franks and Vegetarian “ground beef” crumbles
  • Cooked Mix-ins: Corn, Black Beans, Peas, and Carrots
  • Salad fixings: Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Cucumbers, Boild Eggs
  • Also Chives and Shredded cheese to put on whatever
  • Ranch Dressing, Oil & Vinegar, and Salt & Pepper

Saturday Dinner:

  • Mac & Cheese (Also Gluten Free Cauli Mac and plain Rice as well for other restrictions)
  • Pulled BBQ Chicken, Beef Franks, and Vegetarian Crumbles
  • Broccoli
  • Other Lunch leftovers.


  • Apple & Pear Oat Crumble (Contains Dairy)
  • Brownies (Also Gluten Free Version)
  • Hard Sauce (Butter, sugar, cream, Rum flavor)
  • Cool Whip, and Chocolate Sauce

Sunday Breakfast:

  • Same as Saturday Breakfast
  • Plus Leftovers

And now for the other super important bit: HELPERS

Every Event at PK It takes an huge community effort and about 90 hours of womanpower to cook, run, and clean this kitchen, feeding 100 people 4 meals and snacks! Thankyou in advance for stopping by anytime during the event to lend a helping hand! All Volenteers will receive 1cp or 5 ducats per hour of kitchen help done rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.

In addition to people popping in as able I usually like to request for a few special helpers; people who are designated as “Captains” and have not just the labor but a little bit of responcibility delegated to them; Basically someone else who will read through all the (step-by-step) instructions and schedule for a meal and be the lead conductor so Jess doesn’t have to have nothing but the clock and the food plan in her head the entire weekend without room for Seren too.

This event I will have a dedicated Tavern NPC who is a new friend of mine from the Invictus LARP. He’ll be in a blue apron, his In-game name will be William, and one of us will always be available to support our captains. =)

Here is a list of my current volenteers, and if you are available to help somewhere on this list, please let me know! (Assume me and William are in every spot already, but we would love not to be the only ones!)

Snack Captain

  • Ebenezer Ellsworth

Saturday Breakfast Captain

  • Serendipity & William

Saturday Breakfast Crew

  • Gideon Lureen

Saturday Breakfast Cleanup Captain

  • Almanzo Lureen

Lunch Captain

  • The ORTC

Lunch Crew

  • The ORTC

Lunch Cleanup Captain

  • The ORTC

Dinner Captain

  • ?

Dinner Crew

  • Llewyn Lureen

Dinner Cleanup Captain

  • ?

Sunay Breakfast Captain

  • Serendipity & William

Sunday Breakfast Crew

  • Gideon Lureen

Sunday Breakfast Cleanup Captain

  • ?

Friday Day Prep Cooking Crew
Serendipity, William, Ebenezer Ellsworth, Rhett, Avy, Kovatch, Angus


Note that snack pickles will include the daikon pickles I’m making now and also carrot pickles too depending on my energy levels this week, in addition to commercial dill chips. I have also taken the request to soy marinate some of the hard-boiled eggs under consideration.


I’m down to join the Dinner crew!

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I can captain the Saturday breakfast cleanup.


I wanted to take a moment to Thank everyone for all their help! Although we only had Captains for Lunch we managed to more or less mostly get things off without a hitch!

We ended up Utilizing 99 hours of kitchen help by 37 people! (Plus my amazing potato Will who didn’t clock his hours, but was around full time so I could try to slip from time to time. Which I almost did!)

Honorable mentions to Logan Johnson, Dylan C., George G Spier, and Beth Reisine for spending about 5 hours Each in the kitchen! Holy smokes thankyou!

Everyone, please let me know if there are any Compliments, Critisms or Concerns and if you’d like them to be anonomous feel free to just put them in your PEL and if there’s anything I can do I’m sure Staff will let me know w/o tattling.


Any time boss

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